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Friday, January 27th 2012, by Marissa A Spencer

I was out doing the mommy thing last night. I had taken my daughter to her college class and I had to get some art supplies for the son that is in a local college as well. I had finished my errands and was with no place to go and nothing to do. I didn't want to head back to my home as it was too far and did not want to use the gas to get there and then turn around in a few minutes to pick up my daughter at 9 PM.
Ah! There is a solution. There is a Starbucks near the college (of course there is). I had been listening for a few weeks on some books on CD. I had borrowed them from the library. I listen to them when I drive, sew. or kitchen work. They are lectures and books by Eckhart Tolle. A very entertaining person to listen to. One does not expect such spiritual food to be delivered by someone to very easy to relate to.
Mr. Tolle talks about how one can be in "presence" anywhere. This encouraged me to try out the idea in a noisy coffee shop. I got my Vanilla Roobios tea and walked over to put sweetener and a little half and half in it. To my immediate right were two lovely young ladies having an energetic conversation. One of them was talking so quickly I was very impressed with the skill required to do that. She was not local I could tell by her generous sprinklings of "like" throughout her conversation. Southern California was my guess as she did admit to having just moved into the area. As we Northern Cali's say "Hella" a lot, I know some areas of Southern Cal does use "Like" a great deal.
I sat down in a corner with command of the room and waited for my tea to cool off. I could see the clock so I was able to know when I needed to go. In addition to the young ladies there was a man around my age looking at a skeletal anatomy book. A returning student was my guess as I had seen him walking from the college a few minutes earlier. To my immediate left was a table of Chinese American students.
I closed my eyes. Etta James' voice drifted softly, almost drowned by the din of the conversations. As I went into presence the words of the conversations stopped making sense and became sounds, rhythms, that were occasionally punctuated by the shout of the barristas for next libation finished.
The two young ladies... one was a high pitched motor and the other a softer and slightly slower one. The table of Chinese Americans would from time to time burst into enthused conversation then become suddenly silent as they texted on their iphones. I was amazed, impressed even. on how a table of 6 plus people could be so silent, heads bowed and totally absorbed.
There were eventually two tables of people talking in what I would consider the usual conversation at a coffee house. Being aware when I closed my eyes was truly enlightening. If ones sees as us all connected then all the 'noise" is superficial. I was not bored at all. Another thing I noticed was how slowly time seemed to move when I kept myself aware. So if you feel rushed and out of time, perhaps going into presence will give you more of it. As Mr. Tolle said in one of his Cd's. I am paraphrasing here. Even if you are rushed, you will get more accomplished if you are aware and truly see what is needed without going through the thinking process.




28 Jan 2012 @ 04:35 by bushman : :}
Obviously the Valley Girl had enough Cappachino. lol. Glad your doing good and having fun. :}  

8 Mar 2012 @ 17:17 by vaxen : Skookum!
...thanks, Lady. ♥♥♥  

19 Mar 2012 @ 06:08 by skookum : yikes..
you scared me there Vax lol  

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