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 Things are waking up. Hide glue, hand drums and something smells...2 comments
Tuesday, April 12th 2011, by Marissa A Spencer

I have been going to a local drumming/shamanic program that is hosted at Christ Unity here in Sacramento. It is every other month and I have found it uplifting and just downright fun.

I have been to two programs.

here is a post of an interview of one of his past programs.. truly inspiring.


After the last one in March 2011 I wanted a hand drum of my own. I had tried bongos.. which hurt my hand for a month.. and a small Zulu children's drum. The Zulu drum is lovely with a little chiming ring to it after to strike it. I believe it has some small tin chunks inside it. It was awkward to hold however.

I expressed my desire for a hand drum to my son and he got it for me for my upcoming birthday. He got it from the Tarahumara Indians in the Sierra Padres in Mexico. The drum was purchased on Ebay from a gentleman from Texas. The price was good and I got it in three days!


The head is made of goat rawhide and is totally without flaws. I wanted to paint it and asked a Native California Indian who told me not to paint it but to put my soul into it.. my heart. I thought.. alright..but then I thought how much my heart is into my art and felt that painting it would be appropriate for me.

I did not want a funky looking one. I wanted it to be painted in subtle tones with a truly old feel to the art. So I looked up how to paint a drum. The most traditional looking ones were painted with hide glue paint. It is how to make it as 'authentic' as possible. Though.. these days.. authentic has different meanings, I felt it would look really, really cool. lol

Well.. I thought to myself! Hide glue. Now how do I make that? So,once again the internet is my friend. I found out hide glue is made of .. guess what.. hide. Raw hide to be exact. The very same thing the drum head is made of. It didn't smell as bad as it could have.

I went to the local feed store and after talking to the baby bunnies, chicks and ducklings, I purchased some very nice rawhide for a dog. It was clean and white and looked exactly like the drum head.

I read the instructions for hide glue...

uses for hide glue.. boy was I ignorant!!



here is how to make the paint for the drum head





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