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 Something very odd happened4 comments
Monday, November 8th 2010, by Marissa A Spencer

and.. I know you won't believe me!

A very odd thing happened... I know.. it seems so small. When I was in high school we took my brother Curtis to Arizona to a heavy equipment mechanic school. It as 130 degrees in the shade... felt sure we would melt before we got there.. managed to get one tire to peel itself off the wheel. We had to stop to get that fixed on the way. We did a little shopping in Phoenix whilst we stayed there. My mother bought me a pair of silver and turquoise earrings. Very small.. but were very special to me. A few years ago, after my mother died, I lost one of them down the tub drain while I was showering. I know.. I should have taken them off. I now have a mesh cover on the drain so that wont happen again. Anyway.. back to the story. I was going through my jewelry box and it has diff drawers. I opened one and dumped it out and saw my silver earring... thinking nothing of it. Now.. I had been through these same drawers a few weeks ago with nothing amiss. I open another drawer and dump out my earrings and there .. I see the earring. I think.. "wait.. didn't I see that earring in the other little drawer?"

I took it out and laid it beside me and went to get the other drawer... and sure enough.. there was the earring. I now have them both again. I wore only one for years.. never having both of them.. being so prized as a gift from my mother. Would you explain to me how this all happened. How.. how how???

oh.. by the way.. this was way before I ever got the jewelry box...




9 Nov 2010 @ 16:38 by bushman : lol
See what happened was your mom lost one and was able to replace it at the time so she really had 3 of them. And as a rule of thumb, for us guys who have jars/coffee cans of screws nails and other fastening devices, the rule is if you find 1 of what you need, there is probably 2, and if there is 2 in one can theres probably 3, one being in another can. You can also do this on the side of the road, lets say you need a piece of wire or a nail, string, if you walk in concentric expanding circles around your car, you will find exacly what your looking for within 30ft of your car. lol :}  

20 Nov 2010 @ 07:26 by skookum : well..
I was there when she got them.. and she died over 20 years ago.. way before I got the jewelry box. I lost the earring after she died as well.  

1 Dec 2010 @ 15:38 by a-d : I can relate --even if not qute
explain... But I had this kind of Magic/ Miracles happen to me several times in my life!... especially with keys and jewelery!... Go figure! :)  

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