THE FOREST GREEN: a lost halloween poem.. the Halloween Feast    
 a lost halloween poem.. the Halloween Feast3 comments
Sunday, February 7th 2010, by Marissa A Spencer

hope you like it

Hallowe’en Feast

Strange things happen on Halloween
With few survivors of things unseen
You dare to explore the woodland trails
Ignoring the legends and scary tales

Hill and dale and wraith-like trees
You start to get wobbly in the knees
What were you thinking anyway?
It all seemed fine, during the day…

The dark river wove into the night
Billowing mists shut out the light
Creatures now walk, not man, nor beast
To gather and eat a ghastly feast

Rotted dead wander to seek you out
It won’t save you to scream or shout
They can see you in the darkness now
Your running won’t matter anyhow

You stand frozen in terror all alone
Stuck to the spot like a standing stone
They circle you to pick their favorite part
Your neck, your gizzard, liver or heart?

They smell so bad you almost choke
Is this a dream or some cruel joke?
Have you been doomed to such a fate?
To end up on some zombie’s plate?

You start to sing an old folk song
They start to hum as it goes along
Then they begin to do a ghoulish dance
Spinning and grinning in a Zombie trance

You sing faster and they go wild
Totally lost in the music beguiled
The Zombie’s Ball is in full sway
Slipping into the night, you get away

They say if you wander ‘round Hallow’s Eve
By the dark river, you’d better leave
Only the foolish would so tempt fate
For if you hear the humming, it’s too late!

© October 12, 2005 Marissa A Spencer




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