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Thursday, January 15th 2009, by Marissa A Spencer

In this world today we have an opportunity to explore virtual reality. I have been going to Second Life, a free virtual community.


Bushy goes on there and so do a few of my other friends. The community has a lot going for it, but the user has to seek and discover on their own. Your contacts will help you along the way. I was given new stuff to get me past the NOOBIE stage. When you first get on you have a very funny walk to say the least.

The disenchanted in life will be disenchanted in Second Life as well. If nothing else I have observed it is the fact that those who are socially awkward will learn a lot of they pay attention. The idea of being anything you want to be is irresistible. I chose to make my avatar more like I was before I had a bunch of kids. I was never skinny so.. yes I have curves and muscles and I am short waisted and short in general. A lot in there will make themselves almost 7 feet tall. A lot of the 'women' *they may not be women you know lol...will make themselves very Barbie-like. They will have incredibly long legs, small hips and considerable breasts.

I accidentally teleported to an Italian Sex site. The link I had been given was apparently NOT the Philosphy house where I thought I was headed. To be immediately propositioned by horny Italians might be someones dream. It was not my dream, however. The teleport pad just had people on it...but the orgy rooms were accessible from large boxes sitting here and there. I found it comical when one asks me.."You like sex?" Now that is a dumb question.

I was wandering one of the lovelier areas with two male friends and noticed one was following us. I was dressed in a short outfit of red snakeskin with red stockings. Ok.. I know I looked good for a chunky short gal. The guy comes up to me and starts saying he likes how I looked. I can honestly say that was not expected. I figured...don't all men want Barbie?

Guess not!




15 Jan 2009 @ 21:09 by jmarc : Hey
we'll dance at the castle again sometime, right? It's a fun place to explore, 2nd life.  

15 Jan 2009 @ 21:13 by susannahbe : Hi Marissa :-)...
I have heard of it but never explored....yet! Any tips if I decide to investigate?  

16 Jan 2009 @ 00:02 by skookum : its easy..
and there are usually people to help.. telehubs devoted to Noobies.. very user friendly.  

16 Jan 2009 @ 00:03 by skookum : jmarc
that would be cool.. you can always dance with the baby you know.. they love that too!  

16 Jan 2009 @ 00:03 by susannahbe : Well...
I might investigate sometime!  

16 Jan 2009 @ 15:41 by skookum : sure.. do that!
my name is Skookum Milneaux  

16 Jan 2009 @ 20:33 by jmarc : and
I am Fontaskew Scribe.  

16 Jan 2009 @ 21:00 by susannahbe : Great names both of you them! :-)  

16 Jan 2009 @ 21:34 by bushman : If you Play,
keep in mind the main theme of SL is role play. Although alot of people don't role play, some just use it as a place to hang out and chat. As well, so far, there isn't anything you can't do or be, only limited by your imagination and skills, and for many, the limits of your PC's graphics and speed. Laptops and Macs can run it, but keep in mind that keeping them cool is probably the most important issue to think about when running SL. I also suggest if you have 2 hard drives, to put the SL Casche and chat logs on the other hard drive, this will speed things up and take some of the presure off your main hard drive.
I'm not the general manager of a strip club or a Vampire in real life, but I do play them on SL, my name is Bushman Quandry. :}  

17 Jan 2009 @ 11:07 by susannahbe : Thanks...
for the info Bushman :-) I don't think I will be exploring then until I get my other computer set up, as at present I am using a laptop that has a dodgy fan and is on its last legs, from what you've said SL would finish it off!

Thanks everybody !  

17 Jan 2009 @ 19:52 by skookum : COOL BEANS
I don't really role play.. but I think someone thought I was an escort and started to hit on me.. and I was with bushy lol. I just walk around short and plump and shake my sexy ass at the clubs... I enter contests.. most of the stuff is free if you are persistent. I especially like the new people I have met.. to talk to.  

17 Jan 2009 @ 23:47 by martha : Mac
I tried second life a few years ago but I couldn't get it to run smoothly on my mac and gave up. It looks like fun but I'm not willing to go to that other operating machine. I love my mac.  

18 Jan 2009 @ 01:50 by bushman : lol, Hmm
Well since Ive been there since like August of 2008 there have been 4 updates to the entire program, so Im thinking what you expirianced on your Mac a few years ago is in no way representative of how the SL program works today. But yes, SL does make things run hot and I wouldnt recomend using any laptop for it, although 1000s of people do use a laptop for SL, and normaly any form of PC or laptop will shut itself down or it will reboot itself if it over heats.  

18 Jan 2009 @ 11:14 by martha : Thanks bushman
for the advise. It was three or four years ago I tried second life. I do use a laptop so if i rejoin i will run it on an extra harddrive using firewire which is faster.
i also wonder if my cpu at 667 MHz might be too slow.  

18 Jan 2009 @ 21:32 by bushman : Requirments
Go here and see if you can run it. :}  

18 Jan 2009 @ 22:44 by skookum : you guys gotta see my
belly dance routine... you just gotta lol  

18 Jan 2009 @ 23:09 by martha : Thanks Anthony
No can do on my machine. Not fast enough and also using 10.3 operating system which second life does not support. So when my banana boat comes in and I get a new computer I'll look you guys up on Second Life.
Hey Marissa do you belly dance on Second life or in real life? LOL  

18 Jan 2009 @ 23:20 by susannahbe : No...
I just checked and my laptop won't run it either!

Belly dancing eh Marissa! :-) I would join you, but with a belly my size it may set off some sort of natural disaster or something! lol  

20 Jan 2009 @ 17:23 by skookum : not in RL
on SL... maybe someday i can do it in real life lol

it is a place to rekindle the sense of play.. i know it has done that for me  

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