THE FOREST GREEN: Got a letter out of the blue.    
 Got a letter out of the blue. 2 comments
Friday, September 5th 2008, by Marissa A Spencer

I had inquired about 9 years ago about the possible Cherokee blood in my family.

Just got a letter last week from someone as a follow up lol .. amazing?




6 Sep 2008 @ 14:35 by jmarc : Pony express
Maybe the letter fell out of someones saddlebags on the pony express?

Well, at least you got a reply.

I've heard stories of people getting birthday and christmas cards decades after they were sent. Usually someone found it fell behind some counter at the post office or something.

I'm part Fugowee.  

8 Sep 2008 @ 07:32 by skookum : It was a new letter.. lol
I really do need to write her back. There is a reason for everything they say.  

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