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 Courage in the face of loss...3 comments
Tuesday, July 22nd 2008, by Marissa A Spencer

I see all around me those who stand tall in the face of adversity.

The mother who mourns for her son and thanks and blesses those who helped her and is grateful for the time she had with her son. I salute those who would rather live in truth and to their own selves be true than live a lie. I admire those who follow their conscience even when it isn't popular.

I especially admire those who stand calm in the whirlwind of chaos. Throw me a line!




23 Jul 2008 @ 16:51 by mortimer : Wynkin Blynkin & Nod
Something’s just don’t compromise.

Most the stars want to dance around the moon, although there are few that are far away, alone on the horizon surrounded by darkness, and they do seem to shine brighter too.  

23 Jul 2008 @ 17:36 by jmarc : 2 things to remember
2 things I've kept in mind of late, which have helped, when kept in balance with one another.

1. The Lord is thy sheapherd.
2. Thou art God.  

23 Jul 2008 @ 20:27 by skookum : thanks for the link
and to both of you.. xoxox  

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