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Saturday, July 19th 2008, by Marissa A Spencer

I have been thinking about this...

I have concluded that in our youth obsessive culture 'women of a certain age' have been devalued. We are no longer 'hotties' nor are we able to reproduce. Those two things alone seem to define a woman's worth in many cultures, especially ours.

We get to see the starlets looking so good until god knows how old they are. Good for them and their plastic surgeons. The rest of us are dealing with peri-menopause and menopause with it's fun side lines of sleeplessness and the fatigue that comes with it. Don't get me started on the slower metabolism and weight gain.

So how does a woman remain womanly and feel worthy of being acknowledged as a part of humanity? Could we just realize that the world and our society is not likely to pat us on the back or give us a high five? I guess we will just have to be independently loving and appreciative of ourselves.

Men our age never lose their ability to attract the unsuspecting women. Nor is it unacceptable that he has a woman half his age. "Good for you dude!"

I have accepted that society isn't fair... or even intelligent. It is a collection of sheeple who must follow the latest GQ or People mag.

Besides, being invisible isn't all that bad.. One certainly gets to have some peace. It affords one to be able to observe people and enjoy the interactions of others without their noticing.

Living under the radar...we are the hidden ones... muahahhahahahaa!




20 Jul 2008 @ 07:57 by Glisten @ : Under the radar!
The best part about being invisible (for whatever reason) is the ability to fly under the radar! What a blessing it is not to be noticed, and what an asset to truly meaningful work in the role of "change agent".
Better not to be noticed I say :)  

20 Jul 2008 @ 21:12 by skookum : yes,, there is that
sometimes I feel like I am watching a movie... and the characters are unaware of me... but I know the plot line and they don't  

21 Jul 2008 @ 02:40 by a-d : Ahhh, Skooki, Honey!....
one of those little Darker Days?!... Ohhhh, Babyyyy.... it will pass, Thank God, they do!
I stopped thinking of "age" as a "numbers-of -years-lived" thing!.... I've met far too many who at 25 years were 55-75 and they remained that way their whole life.... then finally they actually caught up in YEARS their (so called) Age.

I personally believe, that the establishment long ago attached this whole feeling-OLD to YEARS as to distort what it really was/IS all about: how USED (up) we feel... indeed ARE... BY the Crooks, argh... ugh... I mean the Establishment, of course!... : )

This way at looking at the Age Issue, explains (at least to me) how & why there are days I feel (and look )like I'd been tortured for a hundred years!... only to in a day or two be up there among the Clouds -- who knows how or why!... looking good, feeling sharp and even joyful!.... Go figure!....

Over all I go with Glisten: The more "Under the Radar", the betta!... that's for sure!.... invisibility gives you invincibility too!... : )

Hugs to U both!/A-d  

23 Jul 2008 @ 23:00 by a-d : This is very interesting...and
something I at least had never heard about before! (Geeezzz...I wonder why?! ;) ))

[ ] then click on "Antwerp News"  

24 Jul 2008 @ 03:40 by skookum : wow that is wild
I had no idea.. sounds sublimely peaceful lol  

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