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Saturday, July 12th 2008, by Marissa A Spencer

A short story..

A Friend in the Darkness

by Marissa A Spencer

She rested in her cozy shelter for what seemed like forever. “How I wish I could stretch my arms out. My legs are cramped too.” She thought these thoughts for some time as she watched the light of day and the dark of night filter softly through her confined space. On occasion she would see a twinkling light come near then speed away.

“What could that be,” she mused.

Suddenly a great weariness came upon her and she slept. She had no idea how long she slept and after a while she remembered nothing of herself. She only knew darkness. A soft breeze rocked her awake.

“It is time,” a voice called to her.

“What? What?” She was suddenly aware.

“Time to come out,” the voice said.

A tremendous urge to stretch and be free enveloped her as she flailed against her now prison. Nothing happened for a while, then a small slit of light appeared before her eyes. All that day she struggled and pushed and twisted. It was dark once again. She stopped struggling, feeling discouraged and hopeless.

She saw a small light, like the ones she used to see flicker outside her enclosure.
“Don't give up, I have waited so long to meet you, “ a voice whispered.

She continued and the the slit expanded and she was suddenly free, clinging to the remnants of the place she called home. The early morning air touched her and she tingled. The voice seemed to be gone. Was she imagining it? She started to breathe deeply. The air was so fresh and cool. What a wonder it was to have such air!

She hung upside down for a time then righted herself. All that day she just enjoyed the sights and sounds of the day. The colors! The smells! The movement of the trees and the plants. The sounds of buzzing and gurgling were all around her. The night came and she was almost strong enough to move. But, the night's darkness frightened her. She was afraid of the change the night brought. Stranger noises, odder smells and a host of other things she couldn't see.

“I cannot see anything!” she trembled with the thought. “I am all alone!”

“No, you are never alone, I am here,” the voice was so close now.

“Tell me where you are!” She was so frantic now.

“It is easier for me to show you.”

Before her eyes she heard a soft whirring sound. She could not see anything. Suddenly close by she sees this bright flash of light. Just as suddenly it was gone, then it returned. This light flashed on and off.

“Do you see me now?” The voice asked softly.

“Yes! Yes I see you! I remember you. You were with me while I was sleeping weren't you?” She was so excited she swung back and forth a bit precariously.

“Yes, I was with you, both day and night. I could hardly wait for you to come out.”

“Were you here when it was light?” She watched the flashing light, mesmerized.

“Of course I was.”

“Where were you?” She was very curious now since she never saw anything this beautiful during the day.

“I was here...beside you every moment.” The flashing came closer.

“I had no idea, I did not see you!” She gazed at his flashing lights hovering before her.

“During the day, I am nothing to look at. People see me and they don't see anything special. I blend in with what is around me. Some might consider me ugly and worthless. They see only the outside of me. But I knew you would see me for what I truly was. You could hear me, and know me for my kindness. Now you can see me and know me for my truth and devotion. I will show you what I look like when the morning comes. But certainly you must know the truth, I have been beside you all the way.”

“I never knew, I was too obsessed with myself, my life, my little world inside this object I cling to. I had no idea there was more, no idea at all. Your voice was the only thing that brought me out of myself.” She smiled into the darkness.

The flashing faded away as he said, “I will return in the morning, I must go now.”

She watched as he left and waited for the morning. The gathering light faded away the dark of the cool night. She could feel the tingling of the morning sun on her face.
She looked around and sought her friend. She looked up and saw a lovely finch sitting on a branch.

“Are you my friend?” she inquired.

“I could be your friend or your enemy, it all depends,” the bird replied.

“On what?”

Swooping down toward her the bird barely missed hitting her. “Depends on how hungry I am!” The bird then disappeared into the brush.

She then saw a small snake in the grass. “Are you my friend?” She asked politely.

The snake didn't even hear her. The snake was too intent on hiding quickly. She was feeling a bit lonely wondering where her friend was. Was she supposed to guess who her friend was? She kept gazing about her. She looked up. She looked down and around. All she saw was a small beetle sitting on a rock nearby. She wondered and asked, “Are you my friend?”

“I was wondering how long it would take you. As you can see I am nothing to look at during the day. Usually you cannot see me when I hide. I sat on this rock so you could see me. Am I what you thought I would be.?” The small beetle then turned to look at her.

“I knew you were wonderful. I guess you are what wonderful looks like.” She smiled at him.

He gazed up at her and said, “You are wonderful too, but you look wonderful as well. Have you looked at yourself?”

“Well no, I haven't. I have been busy being frustrated and looking elsewhere for answers.” She then gazed at herself. She was ablaze in colors too amazing to imagine. She was Mother Nature's jewel. A butterfly so lovely even she was overcome.

“See, you are magnificent. I knew you would be. I waited and waited to see your splendor. Every night I came to watch you. Do you know what I am?”

She said right away, “ You are my friend! It doesn't matter what anyone thinks of you. I know the power of your light banished the darkness of my existence. Thank you so much for that!” She beamed at him.

“That is enough to bring me joy. Now is the time for you to fly and seek your destiny. It is time for me to seek mine. Just remember I will always be with you in my heart and in your heart. Our hearts will always be connected. Though darkness may come into your life from time to time, I will be there to shine a light. Do not fear.”

With that brief speech the firefly flitted off into the blue sky.

© July 12, 2008 Marissa A Spencer


a painting... by Robin Street-Morris





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