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Tuesday, July 8th 2008, by Marissa A Spencer

who would have thought...

something this good could make you happy?

here is a little video on


here is the main website




1 comment

15 Jul 2008 @ 04:31 by a-d : This is soooo
COOL, sooooo true! We ALWAYS put our FEELING energy in anything we create, be it Din-din for family &/or friends or do some art piece to be sold somewhere etc etc: we ALWAYS CHARGE it with the dominant energy we had while doing it!
To intentionally charge our Work with good energy is just hooponopono in conscious action!

( I gave the link to a friend with newly opened shop for antique Farm Stuff and since in one end they have a sweet little Cafe` where they serve wonderful things to go with the coffee, I thought she would be right one to sell this Intentional Chocolate here in Flathead Valley. She was very happy I thought of her!
Thanks Marissa!  

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