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Tuesday, June 24th 2008, by Marissa A Spencer

it works... I use it all the time now

here is main site


you will have to suspend disbelief a bit.. but it isn't hard when the results are so quick

it is time to release your burdens, baggage and misery

for pain.. for sleeplessness.. for whatever angst is gripping my soul or body

free instruction...

the best intro is this one


40 minute video program


short video instruction


clearing your chakras


free written instructions


try it...

it won't hurt






27 Jun 2008 @ 17:57 by a-d : Hey,Gal, come here &
teach me! ( as u know learning "hands on" from another person tends to be the fastest and most effective way to learn new things.) I went on reading, I mean STUDYING-- EFT, but then, when I should have continued with the tapes & some Hands On practice, I got too busy with Other Stuff!..... whadelseisnew?! ; )  

27 Jun 2008 @ 19:24 by skookum : I learned from the
original reiki master we had. Then I found this gem with Magnus on You Tube. He goes through it and it is a simple version. I have seen others a bit more complicated.. but I found his to be easier and perhaps even more effective.

best link to start.. is this one  

28 Jun 2008 @ 19:10 by a-d : Cool!.... but, ah.... I missed the Opportunity to dragg you here!...again!....Dannngggg!!!... : )  

29 Jun 2008 @ 04:41 by skookum : shhh...
I am reading Florence Scovel Shinn...

writing down affirmations.. dang that woman was BRILLIANT!  

30 Jun 2008 @ 04:57 by a-d : Yuuuppp, she's (was ) GOOD! : )
Many of us Gals, especially, as it seems, adoooore her! You know, she just did straight forward Common Sense thinking!.... and so can we all!.... eh? Now, I promise, I'll be quiet.... at least five minutes! : )  

30 Jun 2008 @ 05:54 by skookum : ah don't worry
a good chattering between friends is a good thing lol

I have a sneaking suspicion. my gg grandma knew about her writings..

and so did my mom.. thru her

cuz my mother taught me.. then i forgot.. now i am remembering

a circle.. is complete  

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