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Tuesday, June 3rd 2008, by Marissa A Spencer

It isn't always understood or tolerated.. especially when we are supposed to be doing something left brain... like finances.. like I was doing with know who...

As he fussed and fretted over his desire for exactitude and inability to keep track of what he was doing... I was gazing out the window.

The gathering dusk was turning the sky dark blue and the waving leaves black. The birch tree outside swayed and undulated in the welcoming breeze.

I watched it and I could see it was moving like it was underwater. It was distinctly water-like in its movements. Flowing like seaweed in the swelling surf, it was beckoning me to follow the tide.

It was then I started wondering...if the air is really the water.. and we are really the fish.. and we are upside down.

The oceans are our sky and we are their water.

well...I can wonder and wander into this realm for hours...

the birds are fish too... vastly prettier than we are

we are like... plain carp.. feeding off the refuse on the bottom

we all know who the sharks are




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