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Sunday, February 24th 2008, by Marissa A Spencer

It could be...

It Would Be Perfect
by Marissa A Spencer

It would be perfect if you were here
Me with my knitting, the cats sleeping
All of us curled up and warm
The feeling of time stopped

It would be perfect if you were here
My knitting would be at rest
And we would just be in quietness
Brief moments of intense peace

It would be perfect if you were here
No feelings of loneliness or sorrow
Just a fuzzy contentment
Like laying on the sunny beach

It could be perfect if you were here
We could be like a garden
Growing in green harmony
Suspended between earth and sky

© February 23, 2008




28 Feb 2008 @ 21:13 by vaxen : I know...
suspended between earth and sky. Where the heck are you? I know...secret black ops project. Invisibility cloak engaged, hanging somewhere between earth and sky, eating crumpets, drinking tea, smoking dope! Idyllic is the fancy and the fantasia...perfect.  

29 Feb 2008 @ 05:42 by skookum : yesssssssssss


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