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Friday, February 15th 2008, by Marissa A Spencer

this very cool writers site has a weekly challenge to writers to write on a topic they choose. The topic this week was "Fridge Space". It can be a poem, story etc. This is my contribution. Hope you like it. lol


Fridge Space

It was a hot afternoon in the city. Anita fanned herself and hitched up her skirt a little higher to cool off a bit. The temperature outside was in the triple digits and her air conditioner was barely keeping it ... well bearable. She stopped the rotating fan and fixed it on her sweating body and started to doze off. She was awakened by a small ticking sound. She thought at first it might be the neighbors kid practicing his drums. She was home a lot for a single gal. That wasn't anything to be proud of in her opinion.

It was still sweltering and she was thirsty. Anita kept her water in the fridge to keep cold. The tap water was so warm it gagged her. The ticking sound stopped and she thought nothing more about it.
Getting up to get a drink she considered just hopping into the shower to cool off. Her refrigerator was one of those old kind. Rounded and shaped like a monolith. It grumbled when it ran and shuddered when it stopped. The door had to be yanked hard to open it. She wrenched the door open and got a nice cold glass of water. As she was about to close the door the light inside the fridge died.

“Dammit! Oh well”, she sighed as she sipped the coolness into her throat.

The light started to dim outside the windows. The sweltering day became the sweltering night. The twilight did nothing to lessen the scorching of the earth. All the stored heat of the day released into the darkness. Anita sat down and decided to read that book. The whirring and groaning of the fridge was especially annoying tonight. She could hardly concentrate on her reading. The ticking sound started again and she threw her paperback down and rubbed her eyes. Maybe she needed glasses or something. She felt a little dizzy and she had trouble focusing her eyes.

She downed the rest of her cold water and decided to try to sleep. Work came awfully early at the call center. Closing her eyes was easy, she couldn't keep them open a minute longer. Sleeping on her couch was fine, she had the fan on after all. Her dreams came on suddenly, thrusting her weariness into a high anxiety journey. The hours roll on restlessly.

She wakes up to the sound of ticking. Her head is pounding and she figures another drink of cold water would help. The heat was still barely less than a few hours ago. Anita gets up to get her water and feels disconnected and slightly dizzy. She finally shuffles into the kitchen and opens the fridge. When she opens it, the ticking becomes decidedly louder. She sees something glowing in the back of the fridge. Anita rubs her eyes and blinks a few times. She cannot believe what she is seeing.

In the back of her fridge is a large hole. The hole is black, she cannot see anything in it. She discovers the source of the ticking sound. The hole seems to be sucking air into itself and making a glass bottle knock against the inside wall of the refrigerator. Her eyes widen as she feels air rushing past her face and seemingly going into the dark hole in the back. She reaches out her hand to touch the hole and she feels herself being drawn in. She feels squeezed , twisted, and compressed. Her hands seem far away from her feet.

Through her terror she thinks she must be dreaming! When her chest cannot take another breath she is roughly thrown onto a hard floor. The air is cool and the light is subdued. She looks up to see strange men in silvery jumpsuits and blue skin. One is taller than the other and hits the shorter one on the head.

“Now look what you have done, Dweeb!What are you going to do now?” The tall one glared and shouted at the shorter one.

“Sir, I shall fix it right away. I am sorry Sir!” The shorter one cringed and fiddled with some control panel.

“Dweeb, I swear, you and your inexplicable craving for peanut butter! You will get us killed or worse.. sent to Siberion! Now take this creature home....NOW!”

Anita, dazed and confused lay sprawled there , unable to speak or move. She felt a rumble of what seemed to be engines and felt a warm energy flow around her. Next she knew she was on her kitchen floor. Her head hurt even worse and she sat there trying to figure out what had happened. It occurred to her that perhaps she was sleepier than she thought, or perhaps she had fallen and hit her head. The dream was very vivid and disturbing.

Carefully grasping a nearby chair she raises herself up. Her glass sits on the table as she left it.

“Now, for that glass of water!” Grabbing the fridge door she pulls it open slightly. Laughing at herself she opens it all the way. There is her jug of water waiting for her.

“It was all just a silly dream!” Thankfully she pours her water and puts the jug back. She notices a smear on the shelf. She looks closer and discovers it is peanut butter! She looks around for the jar and cannot find it. Looking into the back of the fridge she can see small burn marks in the shape of a circle.

“Dammit! That little Dweeb took my peanut butter!”

© February 15, 2008 Marissa A Spencer




29 Feb 2008 @ 06:31 by vaxen : Yay!
Helluva note, eh? Dweebs! Sheesh, bad as lockergnomes. Cool little story skookum. Get a prize yet?  

29 Feb 2008 @ 08:38 by skookum : no prize..
was just a writing prompt.. i jumped in with a whole lotta other folks  

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