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Monday, February 4th 2008, by Marissa A Spencer

I went to the movies today with my two youngest.

Went to see "The Golden Compass" ... great movie by the way.. preaches free agency.

hmm....wonder why people wanted to boycott it lol.

Did you all have a nice superbowl party?


ps... what is UP with all the hits to this is starting to freak me out lol




4 Feb 2008 @ 08:03 by bushman : Hmm
You might go to the feachers section and turn on the people who visit thing and the thing that shows where they searched from, in the left sidebar settings, I think anyway, it might give you an idea what they are coming for. Ill have to see that movie once its on dvd, maybe thru netflix.  

4 Feb 2008 @ 16:08 by skookum : yeah..
good idea.. did that.. thought it made the problem worse

some are from a mp3 site and some guy named Loki...

god of mischief.....seems apropos.. donchathink?


5 Feb 2008 @ 05:34 by vaxen : Maybe...
the people like you skookum? Is that so far fetched an idea that it is beginning to freak you out? Hey, we like you girl! Got it? deal with it...could make you rich. ;) Loki, my favorite Norse God, gets around. Watch out if Nagalfari or Fenriz start showing up - though. ;)  

5 Feb 2008 @ 06:56 by bushman : lol,
Ya, like 2 years ago you were saying you didnt know if anyone saw your stuff, now people are , lol. Oh well soon youll have popurazi takeing your pic everywhere you go, could end up like poor rich Britny, lol. And Ive known you for easily more than 10 years. :}  

6 Feb 2008 @ 05:23 by skookum : my dear friends
I promise to remember you...when I am famous. *waves royally

I will never forget the little people who supported me through the lean years...*looks at plump belly

New friends are silver, but old friends are gold no matter how humble...*laughs under her breath

Poor rich Britney....poor girl is prolly bipolar.

Yes bushy...we have history don't we lol.

and vax...I will be vewy vewy careful.  

6 Feb 2008 @ 13:39 by jmarc : stopped watching at 1/2 time
It's all bread and circus anyway.
Nobody's perfect.
But the Pats did have a very good year, nonetheless(is that one word?).

Good to hear you're still on the hit parade.  

6 Feb 2008 @ 16:16 by skookum : yeah.. it is a word lol
hit parade? didn't know organized crime had it in for me lol  

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