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Saturday, December 29th 2007, by Marissa A Spencer

it is now 921

some from sites that have mp3 downloads

and some guy/gal called Loki

hmm.. maybe I am supposed to introduce myself? lol

I have the flu.. achy.. all stuffed up and miserable

watching old movies and reading books.. and sleeping when I can

thank goodness for leftovers





29 Dec 2007 @ 22:56 by vaxen : 921?
Skookum! You mean the year or the hour? 921, that is... 9+2+1=1+2+9=9+1-10, 2+2=4, 1+9=10 or 9+1=91 and 2+2=22 and 1+9=19 or...

Wake up! Itsa new day dawning and you're it!

PS: Loki is a guy. ;) Norse God of Mis-Chief. Heh! ;) Smile... *wink*  

30 Dec 2007 @ 06:34 by skookum : ya.. kind of fitting

on my site!!! lol  

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