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Saturday, August 25th 2007, by Marissa A Spencer

things are not as they seem


I am trying to read
What folly of mine it is
The knocking behind my eyelids
Yes, yes I see you, my dear
No one else can though
At least, so I hear

You are an old movie
Folly is on the marquee
A silent film on a dark screen
Organ music and a soft sigh
Makes me smile anyway
Yes, I cannot lie

A little peace and quiet
Apparently too much to ask
Don't misunderstand me now
Your company is beyond compare
Yet, it befuddles my thinking
Not like you care

© August 24,2007 Marissa A Spencer




25 Aug 2007 @ 13:18 by jazzolog : Brain Follies
Like when I try a meditation sit...and the chatter begins: Let's gettup and getoutta here, Check out those knees---ohhh, the pain, Hello from past lovers! Fascinating. I heard filmmaker Ken Russell put in his will he is to be stuffed, sat in a movie theater seat in some kind of mausoleum, and an unending loop of all his movies is to be run...which he must watch from the Great Beyond.  

25 Aug 2007 @ 22:24 by skookum : that sounds
like 'ell to me..

over and over you say.. geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze louise

well to each his own

ya.. chatter .. no kidding!  

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