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Tuesday, July 31st 2007, by Marissa A Spencer

I did! I did! You don't believe me... well.. suit yourself. This following account is true.

I Think I Saw a Ghost!

July 30th, 2007 was a hot ,muggy afternoon and I had drove my son Andrew to his college football workout. He heaves his large form out of our small compact car and tells me to come back in an hour and half to take him home. I watch him as he lumbers over to the weight room with his gym bag. I glance around for student pedestrians and drive through the parking lot to the main road. I turn right having decided to head for the nursery. It was currently 6:30 P.M. and still quite light out. I pulls up and find the parking lot empty and a sign stating that the nursery goes to sleep at night at 6:30 in the evening. I guess plants need their rest too.

What to do then? I was near my old neighborhood so I thought I would take a drive down memory lane and visit a few places I used to live near. I discovered they had rebuilt the small public library. There was also a lovely park nearby where the sewage treatment plant once stood. Oh the memories. I smiled at myself, wondering if those kids knew what used to be where their jungle gym was now.

The library was a cool respite from the oppressive heat of the afternoon. I decided to read some magazines. I read two on organic gardening and two spiritual themed ones. The library was closing at 8 and I had promised to be back to get Andrew by 8:10. At a few minutes before closing I returned the final magazine I had been looking at and left to get Andrew.

The drive is a pleasant one with nice homes with lush yards. I approached the intersection of the street the school was on . I saw a man on the left sidewalk near the side of a brick wall of a home. There were no doors, only a telephone pole next to the sidewalk. As I drive I am always watching everywhere. Left, right , back forth and trying hard not to miss jaywalkers which are notorious around here. I glanced left as I approached the stop light and saw the man walking. He was wearing all black or dark blue, long pants, long sleeve jacket. I don't think he had a hat on. I thought very little of it until a second later I glanced back there and no one was there. There was no where for him to go. The area being bare and clear for 50 feet at least in each direction.

I did later wonder how he could stand the heat with that jacket on. I knew also that it was not a man of flesh and blood that I had seen. It may have been a spirit.. or an event out of time. They call it a residual haunting. This was my first experience of a full form... ghost, for lack of a better word.

Here is a link I found that was very informative.


click on types of hauntings... the posting wouldn't let me put in that particular link.

(c) July 30 2007 Marissa A Spencer




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