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picture picture Saturday, June 2nd 2007, by Marissa A Spencer

snapdragon by my daughter
carrot flower by me




2 Jun 2007 @ 14:48 by jmarc : Snap Dragons
I've heard that
they're edible. Ever try one?  

2 Jun 2007 @ 18:11 by skookum : I dunno
might have a bit of a bite to them...  

27 Jun 2007 @ 17:30 by a-d : Absolutely awesome!
ahhh.... soooo lovely!... I loooove the Carrot blossom!. Only a few people have ever seen carrots actually bloom, cause they are biennials and bloom only the second year around!...and who would leave their carrots in the ground for the second year, huh? ; )..... only U & I, Dear Mariss!.... -and probably Heidi-gal! : )
I dried tiny little Violets/Pansies to put in my salad coming winter... yeahhh.... flower-power in salad can be really good those nippy days... an' if the snap dragon bites me , I just bite back! heheheh....
this is what the Culinary Haute Coututr has to say about Snappies:
" Snap Dragon - Delicate garden variety can be bland to bitter. Flavors depend on type, color, and soil conditions. Probably not the best flower to eat." ]
check it out guys! GREAT.... an' who knew!...
Nasturtiums...ah....naaaa-sty!...... just the smell of them.... uhhhhh, but they do look good. I give them that!  

28 Jun 2007 @ 03:15 by skookum : I don't
usually eat flowers.. unless they are broccoli lol

ya.. well.. the French use carrot flowers in arrangements lol

see.. how continental I have become.. ha!  

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