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picture Thursday, May 10th 2007, by Marissa A Spencer

There is a story behind this picture.

When I was at the Davis Arboretum I was met by an older gentleman jogging by the small lake. He saw that I was taking picture. He said to go to the other side of the lake as the ducks were quite willing to be photographed. They would not run away basically. There is no feeding of the ducks allowed. So I wondered why they would be tame, except to say they were used to people.
I continued my walk for a few more minutes. I watched the turtles plop into the lake and float nonchalantly away. The next clearing there was I noticed to half grown ducks at the far end of the lake. Being like Dr Doolittle, I made noises at them. They came racing toward me from three different direction. One by one they hopped up the steep bank and visited me. They allowed me to chat with them and take their picture.
When I was done, I thanked them. One then dove into the lake, then another. The last one took a step to go then stopped and gazed back at me expectantly. I said, "Go on, go play!"
At that utterance from me he took the plunge and joined his friends.




13 May 2007 @ 19:54 by a-d : Mariss, this is sooo sweet AND
it is YOU practicing your Ability to communicate with Life(forms)across & over the Species Barrier, that has been so rigidly held in place & enforced by the Control- happy ENSLAVERS of Humanity -and indeed of All Earth Life via all their "Learning Ignorance"-Programme (to Humankind) THANKS for doing this Cosmic Work for us and for sharing your experiencies of that work, our Little Mrs Doolittle ! : )  

4 Mar 2016 @ 00:56 by linying @ : Ete  

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