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picture Tuesday, April 24th 2007, by Marissa A Spencer

pic by my dear friend..William F.Glover

Paying No Mind

There is a river at my feet, going on its journey
It pays no mind to my splashing toes and my windburned face
Becoming very still, I hear the Swift's shifting forms above me
Their shadows flit across the pebbles near my hand

A strange way to watch it all, I count my breaths
Time slows down, it becomes silent, intently alive
No longer sitting now, I am the water, the air
I am the shadows that flit here and there

I feel so small the sand rolls past me like mountains
And so enormous that the stars wink in tiny sparkles
My body is so far away that I cannot perceive it now
Yet, there I am, and am not

© April 23, 2007 Marissa A Spencer



1 comment

24 Apr 2007 @ 04:22 by vaxen : Such...
a beautiful place. Today I took my 8 feists and one chijuaja (miniature) to an isolated area where I uncloaked and jumped into the rolling stream to take a bath. Nakedly magnificent, the trees, the granite, me...

All in infinite harmony. No war, no love, no thought.

They were all so happy and care free that I just had to re-mark that ancient space and time for futures reference. refereeing it all became not a task as the dirt and sweat rolled off my back blessing the stream, the sands, the gold...


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