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Tuesday, March 27th 2007, by Marissa A Spencer

I was waiting this evening at nine thirty pm to pick up my daughter Krystal at her job at Payless Shoe source. It is located right next to a Walmart.

I sat waiting as she did her closing of the store. I watched people as I listened to some music on the radio.

I go too far tho... I must go back to earlier...just before I left to get Krystal. My son Andrew was complaining he wanted some soda. He asked me and I said I wasn't up to shopping tonight.

He goes back into his room to play Tremulous lol I am at Walmart and I see a woman go to the soda machine and put in her money and take out a soda. She actually takes out two and puts one back.

I am thinking...ok... am I supposed to take that soda? I think.. naw.. let someone else have it.

I sit.... and soon another young woman comes out of Wally World and is pushing a baby in a happens to be quite nippy out too. She goes and pays for a soda and plop.. it gets stuck.. and she vainly tries to get it out and gives up and leaves it. don't have to hit me twice on the head...usually. So I get up... jostle the cans slightly and take them both out..

Now my daughter has one for the studying she needed to do and Andrew has one cuz he wanted it.

How is THAT for manifesting! Ta DA!



1 comment

27 Mar 2007 @ 17:07 by hgoodgame : That's cool!
And that's how easy it 'can' be, lol!! Staying in the flow and paying attention to what comes along. Keep on manifesting, I think you've got the hang of it. ;)  

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