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 Golden Orb @Winchester house3 comments
picture Sunday, March 11th 2007, by Marissa A Spencer

What do you think of this... I do not think it is a dust orb do you?

It was on inner doors.. just to let you know.. no sunshine accessible.. not a lot of sunshine that day in San Jose anyway lol

I took this with my little Fuji film digital camera a year ago at the Winchester house in San Jose area.

The place is wild to go through to say the least. I didn't feel much in the way of weirdness otherwise. They only let you tour a small portion of the hugely sprawling place.

The picture is just as I took it. I have not done anything to it except make a close up of the orb.

(c) Marissa A Spencer 3-11-07





12 Mar 2007 @ 03:03 by bushman : Hmm
a focused reflection of a air bubble in the glass, not only that it bounced off your lens and can be seen at the bottom of the other door. I cant really tell if just the top areas of the doors have colored glass but those large ones do apper to be a yellow amber. If you look at the other door you can see that a 3rd way down, there is a groupe of that color glass, so I can assume the other door is the same. As well, you know how to look at the sun with a pin hole thru paper, it projects the sun, and it kind of looks like the sun, you can see slight flares around the edges, and what looks like a couple sun spots, but I couldnt proove it, lol. Maybe check the SOHO archives , date and universal time. :}  

12 Mar 2007 @ 19:21 by skookum : no sorry
this is a totally indoor shot.. this was not a outdoor glass door.. this is in the center of the building and it was very dimly lit for the most part. The other orb is just a dust orb.. got lots of those there all over the place.

I don't agree with you.. but your theory is very interesting nonetheless!

thanks for giving me some ideas!  

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