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 The Hobgoblin of Hatchet Hill1 comment
Monday, December 18th 2006, by Marissa A Spencer

The Hairy Hobgoblin of Hatchet Hill
by Marissa A Spencer

In the dark night it is such a fright
To walk down Hatchet Hill
The sounds that you hear will fill you with fear
When the Goblin hunts for you

He's hairy and coarse and really much worse
Than anything you have met
In the night he will dare, he might grab your hair
When the Goblin hunts for you

Run as you might, it's too late to fight
He's bigger than you anyhow
You'll trip and then fall, whimper and bawl
When the Goblin hunts for you

You might not tell, 'cept by the smell
That his breath is on your neck
The stench is so bad, you'll almost go mad
Oh! The Goblin hunts for you !

Better get on the go, you're getting too slow
Running down Hatchet Hill
His arms wave at you, now what will you do
When the Goblin hunts for you?

He jumps in your path, now dear do the math
No use running down Hatchet Hill
He grins a sick smile and stands there awhile
The Goblin's hunt is through

You gaze at his face, it seems out of place
As you tremble on Hatchet Hill
He smiles oh so sweet and says “Trick or Treat!”
When the Goblin hunts for you.

You're bag is just handy, so you give him some candy
As you laugh on Hatchet Hill
Who'd think it was silly to run willy nilly
When the Goblin hunts for you.

He grabs his candy, and runs namby pamby
Back to the top of Hatchet Hill
You stand and you grin, to see where you've been
When the Goblin hunts for you.

© November 21,2006



1 comment

15 Oct 2012 @ 21:49 by Kat @ : Really nice
I'm doing a piano recital of dark and stormy night songs and poems, and am going to play an extra. I was looking through some poems that might fit the song I am going to play, and this one is perfect! Thanks for writing such an awesome poem!!! :D

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