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Friday, March 10th 2006, by Marissa A Spencer

The sun came out...

so of course I couldn't be in. I planted my hosta, ferns and Caladiums. I also put in a bit of color with some English Primroses. I have a shady area that is challenging to plant in. I haven't planted the Camelia yet as my son Andrew was out on a job today. He is big and strong and can dig the large hole that needs to be done for it.

My youngest and I put seeds in peat pots to start in these mini greenhouses. The preparation of the soil will be a big job, but the rewards will be awesome. It will be a big garden with all the usual vegetable and fruits. I might even put in an artichoke to keep the rhubarb company.

Usually, I have found, that anything worth doing is usually going to take considerable work. The work might be enjoyable, but cannot be circumvented. I especially wanted my children to learn to appreciate the earth and to care for it, protect it. I must have done an ok job as my daughter is in college now studying to be an environmental biologist or something like that. It is a course of a lot of hard science and math. Luckily, she is a bright gal and does well.

Teaching the next generation the important things is a big step in helping us all.





11 Mar 2006 @ 15:09 by jstarrs : What a lovely post...
..rhubarb likes being near the compost heap.  

12 Mar 2006 @ 01:27 by skookum : Thanks Starry. I remember...
sneaking the rhubarb stalks in my Aunt's garden.
Nothing sour could dissuade us from this. It was a point of courage to suck on them without puckering. If one could do it without her frenzied rooster from attacking.. so much the better.

Well, good on the compost pile.. as the garden is going to me smack dab in the middle of it... will have to do the compost somewhere else now.  

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