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picture Tuesday, August 16th 2005, by Marissa A Spencer

Pic is taken by me.. (c) 5/2005 Marissa A Spencer

Just to let my readers know.

I have been sick. I had to have a root canal on top of the other issues.

Soooooooo.. bear with me...who knows.. pain can be fodder for inspiration...right?




16 Aug 2005 @ 06:50 by koravya : Si
Pain, the inspiration.
I think now of one of my Native American woman students
who is plagued with headaches
that no medical analysis has yet been able to decipher,
and she is always there,
trying to get done what needs to be done.
Not that she is one of the brightest stars on the intellectual horizon,
although she does shine through on occasion,
but whatever she is doing,
I am paying extra close attention to her,
for I know that she is visioning through barriers,
that none of us on this, her other side,
can fully appreciate.
So may it be with you.

16 Aug 2005 @ 07:14 by skookum : Thank you
yes.. the easy way rarely produces the prettiest stone.  

16 Aug 2005 @ 08:31 by jstarrs : I'm sorry to hear that, Skooks..
...this may or may not be of help to you - it is to me when I have pain that seems difficult to handle.
You can visualize taking on the suffering of others, think about how the pain you feel is their suffering ripening on you, all those less fortunate than yourself.
Of course, you don't really take on their suffering, but it helps to train the mind in altruism by transforming even one's own pain onto a path of caring for others.
Here's a link if you feel like developing this.  

16 Aug 2005 @ 09:28 by silviamar : Marissa, I'm sorry for your pain
I hope you'll get better soon. Although it's difficult, try to keep your optimism high, the attitude is very important, "know" that the pain is going to vanish, not simply wish it or believe it, but know it and visualize yourself completely healthy. I'm doing the same for the muscle pain that I have after my accident.
Sending you healing light from the heart.  

16 Aug 2005 @ 14:49 by jerryvest : So sorry to hear about your pain
and know how hard it is to be creative when we are suffering. I know you have the tools to overcome and transcend, so won't be offering any advice. Seems that pain has to run its course, no matter what we do. You are so good at inspiring others with your beautiful poems and messages. I know that many of us do not like to take pain medication, but do get some temporary relief when you can.

Much love....  

16 Aug 2005 @ 17:48 by skookum : thank you all
jeff.. thanks for the link...tho I think I am perhaps too empathetic at times there are often ways to channel it to benefit all. I practice compassion a lot, and I am a believer in it's healing power. That link has some wonderful practices for me to do, thank you.

Silvia: thank you for reminding me to create in spirit to allow it to manifest in the physical.

Jerry: thank you for the kind words, and yes I do take pain medication. There are some types of pain I can shrug off, and some I cannot it seems.  

16 Aug 2005 @ 18:04 by ankh : Yep
I have had root canals on nearly every tooth in my mouth, Skookum. Two weeks ago I had surgery on two teeth to repair formerly bad root canal jobs - that involved cutting into the gum and bone, sawing off the tip of each tooth, and then sutures - a painful infection that lasted two weeks before that surgery, and then a week recovery from that. I also have two more to go. I know what a root canal is and hope you never have to go through the surgeries I have had to endure. This isn't a competition - I'm just saying I understand a root canal and what that involves (oftentimes it's painless), and there are things far worse that involve teeth and the gums. Tooth pain is the worst. Hopefully, you have a good dentist and all will be well.  

16 Aug 2005 @ 18:34 by skookum : yes.. indeedy
the root canal is the least of my worries...

gots female troubles.. ahm afeard...dr on vacation.. she's not gonna be happy since she has followed proper protocol on treatment so far.. and it hasn't helped.

good grief.. you poor thing...but isn't it wonderful that we have the knowledge and people who can use it to benefit us healthwise? tooth pain is hard to ignore.. it seems to be better today tho.. cramping.. no.. it is constant.  

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