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 OK smarty pants..2 comments
picture Thursday, May 19th 2005, by Marissa A Spencer

so they are dust motes.. or vapor.. of whatever lol..

I submitted this one to Coast to Coast.. now.. they may not put it up.. hey.. it was a try.. but here ya go.

Here is what I wrote them to put as my statement.

Description and Date of incident:

5-17-05 I was photographing things in the attic of
the Muir House and I lost my grip on my digital camera
while I was taking some shots. It was hanging around
my neck with a cord and I caught it in my right hand
and accidentally took a pic at that moment. I was
wearing all tightly fitting dark clothing and nothing
was obscuring the lens of the camera. I was about to
delete the cockeyed photo when I noticed an odd white
streak in the right upper corner. There is nothing new
about the collection of orbs in the background...but
notice the white streak seems to be emitting them as
it moves along. If this is some strange thing that
these cameras do let me know. I cannot figure any
sensible explanation.

PS>>>> it was kind of odd.. how the camera slipped from my hand...I do not know why I lost my grip on it. And I turned the pic too.. that white streak was in a collision course with me... and it was in the lower right corner..




19 May 2005 @ 04:15 by astrid : Skookum,
keep us posted, eh?  

19 May 2005 @ 13:58 by martha : thanks Marissa
very interesting and yes I would like to hear what the follow up is also.  

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