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picture Friday, February 18th 2005, by Marissa A Spencer

A Gift for Rascal

Or The Catlactic Empire Wants YOU!

“Sir, Sir!” A seemingly disembodied voice called to him from his dreams.

Rascal opened his yellow eyes one at a time, hoping it was not a real voice. Unfortunately, it was a real voice attached to a pair of large golden gimlet eyes.

Nasra gazed at him earnestly and smiled. Her scales sparkled and her purple mane flopped in her face for a moment.

“Yes, yes I am up. Thank you Nas. What is the status of the ship and crew?” Rascal stretched and yawned a huge yawn and then sat before her. His white and orange spotted fur was still in a bit of disarray, but even in this unkempt state he had real dignity.

She gracefully leaves the cabin with a sideways glance. “I will tell you when you come to the bridge Sir.”

Rascal looks in the mirror and says, ”Captain Rascal, you need a bath!” He proceeds to wash his face in the usual feline fashion and feel a sudden itching on his hindquarters. He rolls on the floor, writhing like a obsessed snake. He leaps up and heads for the door.

“Blast it! Fleas!” He sighs and heads for the bridge entry ramp.

Knowing it was no time for the odd scratch he saunters onto the bridge. The ship’s instruments were humming happily and his crew was busy with their respective duties. Climbing onto his command chair he is approached by Nas with her glowing clip pad.

“Ok, Sir. Shipment of cheese is all tethered in the aft storage deck. First stopover for next pickup is the planet Grunion. The superfine enhanced salt this year is supposed to be one of their best. Planet Tshoo… ah... Sir... why are we going to planet Tshoo?”

“Nas, I am on special orders from my superiors and cannot tell you at this time.” Rascal then grimaced at another itch and Nas looked slightly offended.

“Yes, Sir.” She says tersely. She walks away shaking her purple mane with her orange scales rippling, her long tail wagging worriedly.

“Mr. Barker! Plot a course to Tshoo immediately!” Rascal squirms in the command chair as he looks intently at the view screen.”

Mr. Barker’s floppy dog–like ears perk up with curiosity. “Sir?”

“Just do it PLEASE! Warp 8!” The Captain’s whiskers twitched and his eyes half closed as he sighed heavily.

“I will be in my cabin, let me know when we get there Sally.” The blue salamander-like navigator gazed calmly at him and nodded.

Nas, Barker and Sally kept to their jobs diligently. The pulsing walls of the bridge changed colors softly from one hue to another. They soon saw in the view screen the planet Tshoo. It had an oddly furry appearance and hung in space like a huge brown dust bunny

Barker says to Nas. “Best you tell the Captain we are here.”

Nas approaches the Captain’s Cabin and hits the com button. A muffled purr comes through the com. “Whatttttrrrrrrr??”

“Captain, we have arrived Sir” Nas stood patiently by waiting for a response.

“Ok, I will be going to transporter 5, alone. I will signal you to the coordinates I will give you.”

Nas stood there transfixed, puzzled, but knowing that asking would be futile. “Ok Sir, I am going now. Let me know.”

She went with haste back to the bridge and sat in the command chair, wondering to herself about what was going on.

“Well, what is it? What is all the mystery?” Barker wagged his small brown tail impatiently.

Nas shrugged her mane and blinked at him. Meanwhile, Rascal is stretching and yawning after a less than ideal nap. He gets up and heads for transporter 5. He stands on the transport pad and calls up his communicator and signals the bridge.

“Coordinates Sally, 125-221-12, and make it snappy!” He stands until he hears that loud rushing sound in his ears and soon is standing on the surface of Tshoo. The fuzzy ground tickles his paws and he stands uncomfortable and impatient. A very, very small space ship comes whirring past his head.. His communicator signals him and he answers it.

He answers warily, wondering if he really saw anything. “Yes?” Searching for some indication as to why he was there.

“Thank you for coming Captain.” Said a tinny voice. “We are honored to meet you. The Catlactic Council said you were trustworthy and we are so happy you have arrived safely. It is now time to complete your mission. The survival of our entire world is in your hands, er… paws. Would you please lay down sir.?”

Rascal looked around, then he looked down, he looked behind. He didn’t see anything.

“Sir, please lay down!”

Rascal saw a soft spot a short distance away and walked slowly over to it. He circled in place a few times then layed down. Suddenly he felt his skin crawling…and noticed thousands of tiny black specks climbing down off his body. They left him all in one group and suddenly the space ship was there; a bright yellow beam shines on the black specks and they were immediately gone.

Rascal stared at the ship, hovering silently in front of his face. The com chirped and he opened it.

“Thank you Captain! You have saved our people! We have a small gift that we have beamed up to your ship. We hope you will enjoy it. A humorous and affectionate reminder of the service you gave us! Good bye and good luck!”

The small ship jetted away and disappeared.

“Beam me up Sally! I think I am finished here!”

His form shimmers and he arrives right on to the bridge. Nas vacates the chair and Rascal sits down.

“Sir, they sent up something for you.” Nas’ was trying to hide her smile. Mr. Barker shoulders were shaking in mirth. Even Sally wiggled in her chair like she was giggling.

“Ok you wise guys, what is it?”

Nas walks over to the command room and comes out with a small box. She hands it to the Captain. He opens it and takes the object out and holds it before him, and soon he is laughing as well.

“Well, well…can’t say those Tshooians have no sense of humor!” He chortles as he holds up the object.

A bright red flea collar with a shiny gold bell on it.

Rascal puts it around his neck and twitches his whiskers at Sally. “What do you think? Is it me?” He shakes his head and makes the bell jingle.

“Oh yes sir! … yes sir..!” The entire bridge crew laughs. The Captain holds up a paw to bring them around.

“Alright enough! Let’s go home, Make that Warp 9! I need a dust bath!!”

© February 17, 2005 Marissa A Spencer




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