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picture Sunday, February 13th 2005, by Marissa A Spencer

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Can You Believe Your Eyes?

Did you ever wonder if you could believe your eyes? I can recount a few tales for you about things that could stretch your sanity.

The story of the fire was based in Washington State; this story brings us back to California. I think it was Hollywood. My family lived down there when my oldest sister was little and where my oldest brother was born. The time was the 1940’s. My folks moved into a small house vacated recently by my Father’s brother. My uncle and his family didn’t mention anything unusual about the house in particular.

My sister was a restless sleeper and often when older climbed out of her crib. So hearing a youngster bouncing in the crib in the middle of the night was not really unusual. One night my mother and father were awakened by a familiar sound, the bounce…bounce…bounce of the crib springs. It must have been my father’s turn to get up, because he rolled out of bed sleepily and went to check on my sister. He sees the child standing in the crib and reaches out to pick her up. Before he can do so the ‘baby’ jumps out of the crib and disappears in the room’s darkness. He stands there stunned, for in the crib is my sister, apparently asleep.

Yes, I know what you are thinking. Late at night, sleepy, it could have been part of a dream or something. The small child, if that was what it was, has not been explained. Was it a ghost, or some other kind of entity? Did they really see it at all?

Later, in a casual conversation my uncle was talking about the house to my father and mother. “Did you see the little ghostie?” he asked smiling.

That’s right. They had seen it when they lived there.

Another brief anecdote from the 1970's: This is hearsay, but the person who told my sister was believable she said. A family was in a park for some picnic, or church affair and one of his children was not in sight. It was a little girl, and he was concerned she might have wandered off. He goes looking amongst the trees and grass for her. He sees a child near a tree and it looks exactly like his daughter. He goes to get close and he senses the child doesn’t quite look right. She smiles and he can see fangs and he notices pointed ears. She is suddenly gone and he is left startled and shaken. His daughter shows up later and he is left wondering. “What was THAT he saw in the woods?”

Indeed, what was that?

Was it some kind of wood imp, fairy, elf, or demon? I think there are beings or creatures in this world that cannot be defined adequately in what we know today. We in our high technology and information age think we know it all. We scoff and laugh at the ages gone by and their superstitions. Maybe we should keep an open mind.

© February 12, 2005 Marissa A Spencer




19 Feb 2005 @ 15:25 by sprtskr : I have seen things
I believe lots of people have seen unusual things but are afraid of telling anyone or just dismiss it. I've seen ghosts and heard them talk through our dogs using their voice box. Its been quiet for a year since all that happened but I don't doubt any day it can happen. Just last night during the early hours I felt someone sit on my bed,I used to get that alot years ago. I do see flashes of movement on the corner of my eyes,the flashes are moving around more then just a quick movement. I believe you can see more if you believe in it. We have a watcher who is around alot especially in my daughters house. He stands very tall and stays in the shadows but we have no fear of him as he feels like he's here to protect us. I was convinced of this last year when I had a curtain between two rooms as a divider. He walked behind it and cast a shadowy figure as he did.  

20 Feb 2005 @ 05:16 by skookum : yes
The things you see.. out of the corner of your eye...I once saw the bottom of a robe and a sandaled heel/foot walk into my younger boy's room.. I was looking into the hall.. not even fifteen feet away.. both eyes even.

now that was freaky..  

20 Feb 2005 @ 16:16 by sprtskr : A dream
I had a realistic dream that had just what you said about the robe and sandaled feet.The robe was stone colored and the material just like old cloth they used back in Jesus day. A voice in my dream said "here he is".  

21 Feb 2005 @ 01:12 by skookum : I have a feeling
there are beings that watch over us. Guardians, friends, angels...they have been called many things.  

4 Dec 2015 @ 09:05 by wengdongdong @ : wengdongdong

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