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picture Sunday, January 30th 2005, by Marissa A Spencer

What Childish Thing is This?

an account through a childs eyes...

Often we experience things that are merely mysteries to ourselves. Somewhere out there is knowledge that answers those mysteries.Sleep paralysis…can be a disturbing and unexplainable experience to a young person or even an adult. Sometimes other things happen in the twilight of sleep.

I would like to recount something I used to experience when I was about to fall asleep as a child of age five. I have an idea I know what it was, but would like to recount this so you may ponder it as well.

When I went to bed I would lay there, with my eyes open and gazing at the ceiling. I would not be asleep, much less even close to sleep as far as I can remember. I would wait. I knew it would come. It came almost every night. It started as an almost palpable vibration. Like I was sitting upon a great engine. The roar would grow and grow. It would reach almost deafening pitch. I could only liken it to a vacuum cleaner…but, louder, deeper, more intense. I could feel this vibration within my being, hear it surge in almost unbearable decibels in my ears. A great shock and tingling would go up my spine. This would last a few minutes….

… every night. I do not recall when it stopped.

© January 29, 2005 Marissa A Spencer




30 Jan 2005 @ 07:13 by vaxen : Ah...
Sounds like our friendly visitors from beyond. Memory blanking is used so that you will forget the experience. The experiences can be recalled but usually, later on in life, they do 'slip' through the barriers in the form of symbols in dreams. Take note, especially, of 'shiny' things in the normal course of your dreams. Shiny things at first glance that are seemingly meanigless like forks, spoons, knives with shiny blades, cups and plates and 'homely' things but shining. Ornaments etc., Shining things.

When I was little 'luminescent beings,' usually around three of them, would always come and tuck me in and watched over me during the early part of 'sleep...'  

30 Jan 2005 @ 07:23 by skookum : I do not recall
any beings.. but one thing.. that haunted me throughout my childhood..

I could not sleep with my ears uncovered.. I still can't. Phobic isn't it. lol  

30 Jan 2005 @ 13:35 by spiritseek : could be
the sound of an approaching ufo. You may have been first contacted when you were 5 and all the dreams of ufo's were little memories left over.  

30 Jan 2005 @ 16:08 by susannahbe : Hi, just thought I'd mention...
..that I have heard that sometimes when people have out of body experiences/astral projection etc. it is often accompanied by such a noise and feeling as the energy body is about to leave the physical.  

30 Jan 2005 @ 20:53 by skookum : Yes..
I know what that is like. I have experienced that. The account in my childhood is different....different vibration, different feeling. It was much much more intense. I could feel the energy up my spine very strongly...making me tingle all over.

I am not discounting that as a possibility though.  

31 Jan 2005 @ 15:51 by spiritseek : the kundalini
energy generated through your spine cause the kundalini to awaken. To find out more about it look up KUNDALINI.  

31 Jan 2005 @ 16:56 by skookum : hmm
I am aware of that. Age five seems a bit young lol

I will read more on this for sure.


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