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picture Tuesday, November 16th 2004, by Marissa A Spencer

My Own Corner

Is there something I could have done,
In my own corner of this earth?
Is there a heart I could have won,
And teach it of it’s worth?

Can you hear the anguished crying,
Of mothers and fathers mourning?
For precious children hurt or dying,
The night seeks not the morning.

Is there anything I can do now,
To change the world for good?
If right now I make a vow,
To do what I know I should?

I cannot by myself heal all the pain,
One voice alone won’t do it.
It’s an endless sinister chain,
To break it we must commit.

Open your eyes and look around,
For those who need a friend.
What you accomplish will astound,
And make a difference in the end.

© April 22, 1999 Marissa A Spencer




16 Nov 2004 @ 16:30 by vaxen : Yeah!
Yes! Please do look around and open your eyes and have a friend. ;) Now all you need to do is put the pictures back. Or not...

We LUV LUV LUV LUV LUV you skookum.  

16 Nov 2004 @ 16:33 by vaxen : PS:
Of course I am of the opinion that a thousand words are much better than one picture. In a thousand words you may have a million pictures! Or even more...

So I think that your poetry is strong enough to stand alone and even though bigotry for a time may claim its lie supreme and torture your will for a second or so you will win in the end for your innocense will hold the final tally and be held for all to see supreme!  

16 Nov 2004 @ 17:54 by skookum : well
thank you

two points..
1 dont rile a red head
2 I am a Taurus


I might put some back  

16 Nov 2004 @ 20:17 by vaxen : Wow!
Super! I'm proud of you now! Not that that matters cause what really matters is YOU! Yeah skookum...thankyou! Lovely picture. Looks like me on a bad hair day. heh heh  

16 Nov 2004 @ 20:42 by skookum : oh please
I love ya.. but please.. don't talk to me like I'm simple lol

ahm just thilly  

16 Nov 2004 @ 22:48 by hgoodgame : I Hate Censorshit, lol
Thanks for sticking to your guns on this one Skookum and not walking away. Ming just posted an article on sharing and the joy of giving. It seems to me at least to kinda tie into this issue.
I had noticed though yesterday in the chat rooms, when I tried to post picture like I used to do by putting the link to it, all that came up was the link and not the picture. Hmmm  

16 Nov 2004 @ 23:14 by skookum : I figure..
on those freebie sites.. If I give youse guys the links.. you too can be fantabulous picher putteruppers.  

17 Nov 2004 @ 02:09 by spiritseek : this site
is getting quite commercial don't you think. If a picture is free to use I don't care where it comes from or who the artist is unless I'm interested in it to further my interests.Like music if I like it doesn't matter who sings it or the name of it.Give credit where credit is due,sure if it merits credit,personal preference and choices.  

17 Nov 2004 @ 04:48 by skookum : the only reason I choose pictures
is to illustrate a point in my writing
to enhance the feeling or thought I am trying to convey
If there is a painting I put up.. I put the artist name..If I know it.
Most the images are not of much worth except to do this application as they are too low resolution to be printed out. Most photographers put their moniker on the photo.

People print out my poems all the time. Put them in their cubicle or whatever. I put my name on it and it's fine with me that they use it.  

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