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Saturday, November 6th 2004, by Marissa A Spencer


What would you say to a wanderer if he came upon your door?

If he told you of adventures, would you beg for even more?
Sails unfurled the journey starts, winds billowing anon
Tornadoes crashing, waves a-smashing the sea you sail upon
In your mind he’d guide your eyes and show you monsters of the deep
You’d toss and turn the whole night long, trying hard to sleep
For in the dreamtime you’d be lost in adventures every night
Making sail by the sirens wail with the waves all capped in white
Waking in the morning with no wind to burn your face
Knowing that inside you is that marvelous magic place
For wandering can be done in body or in spirit’s flight
All one needs is a magic ship to sail softly to the night

Upon the desert one could ride, camels snorting in the sand
Sun blazing down, nowhere to drown in this arid red-gold land
Pyramids loom in horizon’s waves to beckon Pharaoh’s child
In the sand small trails are formed by creatures tame and wild
‘Water!’ you cry, for none is nigh in this burning land of kings
But if you listen carefully the cooling night then sings…
‘Come my wand’ring daughter, haste my errant son,
gather to my bosom, my children of the sun.’
The gods of ancient Egypt are waiting for your return
They have so much to teach you, you have so much to learn.

In the darkened jungle they watch without a sound
You turn real fast, there’s nothing there, in tree or on the ground
Poisons slither, creep and crawl and feint, taunt and conceal
You wonder is that just a leaf or something living and for real
Skin crawling at the thought that there’s something touching you
Go ahead and run and hide, it won’t matter what you do
Flying swoops, war-like whoops, you are so very small
You the tiny speck of life ‘neath canopy’s enthrall

In the purple distance mountains loom and call to you
A place of snow and ice and bear, eagle and caribou
To journey to those misty climes to dream of totem’s voice
Once you’re there, you will be presented with a choice
Will you follow the wanderer’s ways and seek the path to follow,
Or will you be content to sleep and keep your dreams all hollow?
If the branching way before you is guided by the bear
Take up the feather and the pipe and start your journey there

So if a wanderer takes your hand and shows you how to see
It will be the first step in making your soul free
For in the reaching of the mind, the spirit expands and soars
And takes you on that sailing ship for you to man the oars
Eyes can only see when they are opened free and wide
They can take you to another world and to another side
No matter if you stand so proud or stumble oft and fall
Go journey, take that wild ride for the wonder of it all

© September 13,2000 Marissa A Spencer




6 Nov 2004 @ 08:49 by vaxen : Yeah!
"What would you say to a wanderer if he came upon your door?"

"I'd shoot first and ask questions later."

I think, skookum, that if the wanderer be wise he'd really think twice about approaching anyones' door in these parts. I doubt, though, that any wanderer, in their right mind, would be found out this way. Just too far out from most wanderers paths...

Love your poem, though, as it recalls varied shades of Self. ;)  

6 Nov 2004 @ 10:13 by skookum : should I
call you Skookum's Snookums?


6 Nov 2004 @ 12:16 by jstarrs : Sorry to interupt...
...just wanted to say I like that.
What and who by was that song 'The Wanderer'?
They call me the wanderer, I wander round around around around...

6 Nov 2004 @ 15:26 by skookum : I think
Bobby Darren did that one.

I am a wanderer...according to a Native American I talked to in mplayer many years ago. My spirit wanders...coming to a venue near you! lol  

7 Nov 2004 @ 00:44 by astrid : "I was Bo-o-rn Under A Wandering Star...
Wanderer is one with pretty high consciousness, provided s/he is heading in the right direction; away from the establishment and its tiny little fighting ring….When leaving that space, first we find our own inherent GENIUS, urging us into all kinds of activism and Material Creativity, oftentimes with serving others as a Main-goal of that creativity. And we do (really) good, financially…. Learning more and more self sufficiency.

Then one day we feel like BIGTIME CLEANING is needed!….. We might get a few of these CLEANING OUT “Attacks” and feel a thousand tons lighter each time…. And before we know it, we feel the NorthStar (-or N. Wind in our face,) calling us somewhere else, just like Julia in ( the Movie ) Chocolate did, every now and then….Wherever she came she transformed the whole Town with her Being!…. That is what Wanderes do best!…. That IS their COSMIC CALLING -without even thinking of it!  

7 Dec 2004 @ 16:58 by izzie @ : There are many 'wanderers'...

The 'wanderer' that you seek, will soon knock upon your door. Maintain your resolve, and keep your 'peace' to the face of the world! We are in the period of non-time. We are living in time, where we are hidden from the conscious sight of the populace. The 'birth' is in front of us.......  

5 Jan 2017 @ 04:39 by Carlos Byrd @ : bcarlos123  

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