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picture Monday, November 1st 2004, by Marissa A Spencer

Her Name is Zelda

Her name is Zelda and she is a New Ager
Has a collection of rocks and a hot-pink Call Pager
Candles she buys by the gross when on sale
She professes to get headaches when crossing the veil

Flowing about with her hair all a-frizz
Card-reading and tealeaves are all a side biz
Fung Shui, meditation and Reiki each week
Of spirits and past-lives she wants a peek

Wearing purple and green she is one with the earth
Yet she claims that her DNA is of alien birth
She gathers each week with others of her kind
"Normal" people would think that she was out of her mind

She admits to herself that some topics are scary
And she wishes that her real name wasn't Mary
She's starting to wear makeup just like a teen
Eye shadow's the thing for the New Ager scene

Jewelry she wears ,stones and chains in excess
To encourage the universe to calm and to bless
In the New Ager shop she has no restraint
Hoping the bill won't make their spouse faint

Chakras she has from her tail to her top
Meditating with chimes 'til you want her to stop
Breaking habits that have bugged her for years
Rearranging her mind to alleviate fears

Lighting a candle she affirms grace and light,
It would be easier if the kids wouldn't fight
She is the sky and the water that's flowing
The eagle in flight and the breeze that is blowing

Yet she wonders if she will ever find what she seeks
It seems she's been at it for fifty-one weeks
Searching the cosmos to find what she should do
She wishes she could find it and attach it with glue

Her house is arranged to be so harmonious
She'll tell you why even if you're not curious.
Red on one wall and crystals hanging above
Bamboo growing ,pink brings in love

Challenges come and she's ready to soar
Nothing stops her from opening that door
In the meantime she's happy to be in this age
When being etheric is all the big rage

(c) February 8, 2000 Marissa A Spencer




2 Nov 2004 @ 05:53 by astrid : I think
I've met Zelda a few (dozen) times!....I like her for her perseverance and her innocence and her enthusiasm.  

2 Nov 2004 @ 07:18 by skookum : I am glad
that you see the lighthearted humor in that. I was so afraid people might be offended. Hey.. I have a collection of rocks too! lol  

3 Nov 2004 @ 02:53 by astrid : Oh, Sookum... could anybody be offended by such a wonderful Soul as Zelda?! I belive we all have -or would better if we had alittle of Zelda in us; The Life Adventurer, who is always on the outlook for Something; something bigger than herself, as well as something that would validate her Innermost thoughts and feeling of Cosmic Truth. ThePathe can be windy, God knows!....  

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