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Thursday, September 9th 2004, by Marissa A Spencer

I was sitting this morning again in the wooded courtyard. I had taken my walk. I was reading "Suffering is Optional by Cheri Huber". I was sipping my coffee when I saw this odd shape in the small stream.

It kept twisting and spinning in place at a small cataract surrounded with stones. It was an off white color and at closer inspection I found it was an 8 inch high pile of foam.

The stream had been collecting foamy bubbles where the fountain was for quite some time. I am not sure if was naturally occurring. I am not sure if the foam was caused by something they put in the water. Perhaps it was put in to keep the algae down or such.

I pondered this (I don't like to strain my brain too much before I start working), and thought a few thoughts. Feeling a bit like Pooh and tapping my head softly, I made another thought.

I thought, how did this pile of foam get started? I noticed as it twirled, that each time another bubble came along, it stuck to the pile.

So I concluded (tapping my awesome thinking head), that this was a bit like people. Many of us, seeing others doing something, just join right in. When we do what is popular or what others are doing, we might not even think that we are sticking to a pile of dumb foam spinning in the water going nowhere, while the real action is downstream.

(c) September 8, 2004 Marissa A Spencer




9 Sep 2004 @ 04:25 by bushman : Hmm
Foam bubbles eventualy pop, and thier essance does eventualy get to its destination. Dead alge/nitraits, make that kind of foam in turbulent/airiated waters.  

9 Sep 2004 @ 11:52 by nobertie : Yuh know what?!?
ShoeFoam in swedish is SkoSkum...
How did u find your nick?  

9 Sep 2004 @ 15:35 by skookum : fine
miss the point

*throws a pie at you both  

9 Sep 2004 @ 15:59 by bushman : Lemon marang pie,
is kind of foamy looking on top, lol . :}  

9 Sep 2004 @ 17:23 by ov : Foam
The downstream in the time stream, that is when it will all happen, now the thing is simply to prepare for then, anticipate and practice at recognizing the patterns, this will avoid the paralysis, the locked in the churning foam mind fog of the sturm and drang (something tells me that's not right, but it's a German phrase for thrash and spectacle). Fine line between rose colored glasses of denial and the hard reality that paralizes.

Just checking in from a remote computer, mine is still under the flux, caught in the foam, I think its polluted.  

9 Sep 2004 @ 19:57 by nobertie : "I got...
The point" said Eeyore to Pooh, "if we see Foamy People, we can blow on them and they will fly like Bubbles! But I do not know how they look like? Maybe they are Frothy?!?"
Eeyore sighed and felt his head and stomach was heavy.
"Now I will go to sleep after all this thinking and PieEating..."  

9 Sep 2004 @ 20:08 by jmarc : nice face there
anyone you know?  

9 Sep 2004 @ 22:50 by skookum : I think
It is Muddy Foamstein...a rather light headed fellow.  

11 Sep 2004 @ 11:27 by nobertie : "I concluded,
that this was a bit like people. Many of us, seeing others doing something, just join right in.
When we do what is popular we might not even think that we are sticking to a pile of dumb foam spinning in the water going nowhere."

(I just like this kind of similarities. But since it so open I found other thingas too...So I felt the need to return and meet your point.)  

11 Sep 2004 @ 12:21 by spiritseek : oh Pooh
Maybe theres a waterfall ahead and the bubbles are gathering to the edge for safety.Safety in numbers you know.  

11 Sep 2004 @ 12:37 by nobertie : Do not...
Go astray Again!
I think we have not met the point in here yet.
Bubbles always go together..waterfalls or not.
A bit like people.

I am beginning to wonder if this is really difficult to see?!?

I was joking too...
I Like de Pooh btw.  

11 Sep 2004 @ 16:24 by spiritseek : after they gather
they together meet the challenge of the waterfall which doesn't seem so big afterall.But actually I do believe its pollution of chemicals creating the bubbles of foam which is lighter then water and gathers on the side from the movement of the tide or ripples.  

28 Apr 2016 @ 07:35 by trt @ : ffs
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