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 Look unto the Stars20 comments
Sunday, September 5th 2004, by Marissa A Spencer

Look unto the Stars

I heard your heart a-whispering
In the sighing breeze
No turn or twist along the path
Would bring you close to me

There’s always music in the night
When all the light is gone
But you can’t hear me anyway
As my sad heart sings along

Your footsteps cross my solstice eye
And watch you from afar
But you won’t see me nonetheless
Until you look unto the stars

© September 5, 2004 Marissa A Spencer




5 Sep 2004 @ 14:02 by spiritseek : Look Unto The Stars
Marissa I can identify with this poem like so many of yours. The missed encounter that is never to be.  

5 Sep 2004 @ 17:32 by koravya : While
Through the long night of waiting
for as many nights as there are,
there is still the holding on
for Until,
one night,
the star will be found.  

5 Sep 2004 @ 19:03 by nobertie : There is something...
There is something I wanna say.
But words do not flow.
So I will without delay.
Watch the stars from below.  

5 Sep 2004 @ 19:07 by stapper @ : stars
very good poem, Marissa .  

6 Sep 2004 @ 06:04 by skookum : Thank you
for reading my stuff


6 Sep 2004 @ 17:11 by nobertie : Thanks
fer noticing us...  

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