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picture picture Monday, August 23rd 2004, by Marissa A Spencer

The Parable of the Mimosa and Crabapple

by Marissa A Spencer

There was a beautiful crabapple tree that bloomed in a lovely meadow in a calm, peaceful valley. About ten feet away was a lovely mimosa tree. The mimosa’s feathery leaves opened and closed with each sunrise and sunset. The crabapple bloomed bright pink blossoms in the spring. Mimosa’s blossoms were like pink fairies.

No one looking in this meadow would believe that these two trees were in love. They were. Lady Mimosa layed her soft branches as close to her beloved Sir Crabapple as she could bend. Her branches were brittle, nonetheless she tried as hard as she could to touch his lovely blossoms. Crabapple, was shorter and reached to his Beloved in vain. They grew so close, yet so far. No one knew how he or she loved, or how they suffered in their desire to be together.

A fierce storm raged though the placid valley. The wind roared and raged and Mimosa’s delicate, brittle limbs were ripped asunder. She sheltered Crabapple during the storm and spared him the worst of the damage. She however was left ravaged, destroyed. Her branches torn and her trunk split in half. She was dying. Disease attacked her bark; beetles consumed her leaves. Crabapple watched in despair as his Beloved returned to the ground from which she had sprung.

She was gone. Her feathery leaves were no more; her sprightly sprays of pink blooms were gone. She was no more than a snag for squirrels to live in. Crabapple could not bear it. He was alone, forever alone. He wanted to die. His roots dove deep into the ground, they grew out searching for death. His spirit became indolent and numb. His roots one day touched something…familiar. Oh, it was his Beloved. Her roots, he had found her soul. Entwining and holding on tightly, he became part of her. She became part of him.

The winter came with the rain. Nourishing rain, from heaven poured down on the lonely tree. The sun came out and the warmth returned. Crabapple woke from his winter slumber. He looked to his Beloved and there was very little left of her. Nature has its rules and seasons. Crabapple wondered why his heart was breaking.

The sap rose and he was part of springtime again. His blossoms rose and spread their petals before his leaves were out. He watched as he did what was expected of him. Then, he watched his leaves sprout one by one. It was then he noticed something odd.

On his branches, as always, were his nice round full leaves, but alternating next to them was a stem of feathery leaves. His Beloved! How, how did this miracle occur!? He, who had so longed to be part of his Beloved, was now blessed to have her within him. What miracle indeed?

As he pondered this wondrous thing, he was humbled and filled with love. He finally understood. The grace and power is not in Nature, but in Love. It is Love that rules all things of time and space. It rules the stars, it rules the planets, it rules the seas. There is nothing that is not touched, transformed and enlightened by Love. It is the force which animates intelligence, and brings two very different things together to become One.

“Yes my Love. I will always be with you.” He heard her whisper in the wind.

Such is the parable of the Mimosa and the Crabapple. Before you scoff at such things, I must tell you. I am a personal witness to a mimosa tree and crabapple doing this very thing. I looked in wonder, that spring long ago. Seeing the two leaves growing on the same branch. I knew this was a lesson for me. Perhaps this is a lesson for us all.

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24 Aug 2004 @ 02:57 by ov : Parable
Quite the pair, able and without constraint. You wrote this today Marissa, I am so impressed. No small feat to whip out a parable.  

24 Aug 2004 @ 13:59 by spiritseek : very nice
What a lovely parable,gives me something to think about when I'm sad over my love for someone dear to me.  

24 Aug 2004 @ 15:17 by koravya : Lovely Story
Will wonders never cease?  

24 Aug 2004 @ 15:28 by skookum : wonders
never do cease... thank you OV and Spirit and koravya  

4 Dec 2015 @ 09:14 by wengdongdong @ : wengdongdong

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