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Monday, August 16th 2004, by Marissa A Spencer

Time Stops

Will time ascend?
Or retreat if we sit quietly?
I sense a change
I watch the hours creep
Then they fly by with no sense.
When I close my eyes
Time stops

In that stopped moment
I see your smile
A knowing in your eyes
As we cross the timeline
Our purpose merges
And we are one
Time stops

When I finally realize
You fade away
Now I retreat into the unknown
While your time slumbers
I raise my hand
To say goodbye
Time resumes

© August 16, 2004 Marissa A Spencer



1 comment

17 Aug 2004 @ 17:21 by celestial : Time
Is elusive and some calendars say it will come to an end in the near future or maybe the calendar just ends there...
I think that the pendulum just reaches its pinnacle and although the pendulum may reverse its direction, in actuality, some minute thing changes (the pawl changes position) but everything just continues on forward in time! (I'm not sure of the amount of time it takes for the pendulum to sweep from pinnacle to pinnacle, maybe 25,000 years.)

At the moment of direction change, a moment of zero gravity, heavenly bodies can make adjustments to correct balance.  

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