THE FOREST GREEN: Natural History Museum:Smithsonian part 3    
 Natural History Museum:Smithsonian part 3
picture picture Friday, August 13th 2004, by Marissa A Spencer

Wandering around the collection of museums called the Smithsonian is a treat. I left the art museum and wistfully wondered what Mary Cassatt was trying to tell me. My next destination was the Natural History Museum. Touted as pretty impressive, I am happy to agree. The front of the building alone is massive.

My first love is minerals; remembering happy outings with my family hunting for rocks. The displays of crystals of all kinds and colors were a restoring experience and I could spend the whole day in there. There are simply the most amazing gifts to us from the earth. I gazed at the Hope Diamond. I wasn’t that impressed. I had the feeling that it wasn’t the stone that was cursed, but the greed that cursed the people that wanted it.

I went wandering to all the exhibits of ancient life, ancient bones, and ancient seabeds. My fascination was never disappointed. It wasn’t long that my odd experience at the art museum was a faded memory.

The next visit was the basement, and lunch. These huge museums have great cafés in the basements. The prices are surprisingly good. I ate, felt restored and ready for more exploring.

The next huge building was the Museum or American History. Old Glory was not on the wall anymore, but in a special glass room being restored. Textiles can be very fragile. I then wandered to all sorts of places. There was an old machine shop with huge belts on the ceiling. There was a mannequin wearing a leather apron and working with something. I stood dumbstruck. This was almost the exact replica of my grandfather’s machine shop in Oroville, California. He ran a machine shop when he wasn’t busy being the town sheriff. I remember really old-fashioned bicycles that he had fixed. I used to ride them when I was little. And here, thousands of miles away, was his shop, fixed in time, preserved. It all rather took me to my childhood.

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14 Aug 2004 @ 13:32 by spiritseek : nice pictures
the pictures turned out really well,love the colors. Jewels looked huge and expensive..too bad you couldn't have brought home a chunk or too.  

14 Aug 2004 @ 17:31 by skookum : they were awesome
I could look at them for hours, absolutely mesmerizing.  

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