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Sunday, August 8th 2004, by Marissa A Spencer

I wrote this for an online contest.

The Prize
By Marissa A Spencer

“Shhh…. yer gonna wake em up! Shhhh… I tell ye… Shaddup!” In the darkness a soft splash was heard then a loud clang. Gruntbag whispers as he feels along in the fetid darkness, “Lumpwart! How are we supposed to steal that prize with you making such an awful racket?”

“Sorry Boss, I done stepped on a rat, sir.”

Gruntbag rolls his eyes toward heaven and continues looking for the opening in the dungeon wall. He feels a waft of fresh air and grabs Lumpwart’s hand and heads up the slippery stone steps.

The top of the steps leads to a lonely patch of dirt. The moon shines full and casts blue shadows everywhere. “I know it’s here Lumpy…we just gotta look for it. Here you go dig in that corner and I will dig near the shed.”

The sound of scraping metal against soil goes on for some minutes when finally Lumpy exclaims, “I found it Boss! It were here, only a few feet down sir!” He takes a whiff, “Smells ripe sir!”

“Get the bag you nitwit, we gotta get outa here, quick!”

They quickly stuff the prize into the bag and head franticly down the slippery dungeon steps. They arrive at their cave and rush to the fire.

“Lemme see Boss… lemme see!” Lumpwart screams as he jumps up and down.

“Ok…ok…here.” Gruntbag hands Lumpy the treasure, a piece of tattered fabric and a long moldy bone. “Don’t eat it now… it will spoil yer supper!”

(c) February 5, 2003




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