LOST FOREVER6 comments
picture Tuesday, August 3rd 2004, by Marissa A Spencer

painting named Pan Psyche by Burne Jones

Lost Forever

Release me not wild,sweet Pan
I feel in the wind the heart of a man

He wanders the forest in the dark shadow
His fleeing form darts from tree to meadow

Melodies threads round leaf and stone
Penetrating deep into my flesh and bone

The wandering flutes entice my lonely sighs,
I am lost forever in this lover’s eyes.

He has burrowed within my haunted being,
Tempting me to run: in trepidation fleeing.

He’s consumed my gently tended garden
I’m now his prisoner, no chance of pardon

Embracing my heart, conquering as I fall,
Beckoning, enchanting, until he captures all.

© June 19, 1999, August 3, 2004 Marissa A Spencer




3 Aug 2004 @ 23:39 by vaxen : You sound...
like a changeling Marissa. Ever read "The Faery Queen"--by Spencer Ms Spencer? Ever have an interest in Faery Magick? What is it that 'haunts' you? A memory perhaps?

"The Great God Pan" by Arthur Machen is very good and 'evocative' as well. Know of it?

Evoe Kore, Evoe Diana, Evoe Hecate.

Darksome night and shining moon
East then South then West then North (Deosil)
Hearken to the Witches Rune
Here I Come to Call Thee Forth...  

4 Aug 2004 @ 05:29 by celestial : That was then
This is now
Don't tell me, my love
You're still lost, my dove.  

4 Aug 2004 @ 07:00 by skookum : I have no idea
I just write the stuff

I'd better get reading! ;-)

am I haunted?.. yes...  

5 Aug 2004 @ 07:27 by celestial : You better get reading. ;}
Do you like to be haunted?
On your haunches?  

5 Aug 2004 @ 09:46 by skookum : There are worse things
than being haunted.. after all.. depends on the form of the haunting.. no?

It more like.. living on my HUNCHES>> not my haunches lol

ah.. you worry about me Celestial.. that is kinda sweet ;-)  

6 Aug 2004 @ 01:33 by vaxen : Sweet?
Heh, heh...
He probably meant to say something to the effect:
Do you like to be hunted on your haunches?

Io Pan, Io Pan,
Io Io, Pan...
Io Pan, Io Pan,
Io Io, Pan...
Io Pan, Io Pan,

Pan is bread and Pan is universal. Pan represents infinite light. One who looks upon the face of Pan either becomes enlightened or goes insane. Most, I've heard, of those who have been 'pan-icked' by Pans' sudden appearance, in their lives, have lost their minds. Regrettable? I dare say not. "The paths of lovers cross in the line of duty."

You Seek the Grand Spring Phrases

And So Shall You Find,

For the True Lies will Free You,

To Operate As you Kind.  

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