Fly Again4 comments
pictureSaturday, July 10th 2004, by Marissa A Spencer

Fly Again

Will we, with joy and pain of soul,
find a soft heart's repose?
Are the arrows of adversity and treachery always to seek us in our dark safe places?
Enticed forth we grasp a kindly hand,
which then turns to skeletal dripping horror before our eyes.
A horror of our own making, an inner vision of deception.

Backing away slowly,
we are ashamed at our own vulnerability, our own blindness
Water flows over the rock and the rocks hinder it not,
yet we cannot let it flow without it churning up from beneath the surface our own weaknesses.
Oh, I see the smiling faces everywhere,
but darkness haunts the quiet moments.

True, perfection is not the banner that blows upon the spires of my self-made castle.
Is it right though that one ascends higher than the other,
when we are all seekers of the kingdom?
The crime of humanity is still marked upon our brow,
leaving scars here and there,
yet we compare the scars and declare,
"Lo! I am more piteous than thou!"

Would that I could have comforted you
without conjuring the fears that like a misty trail do follow you unflaggingly.
Loosen the burden and fly again to the heights if you will,
and if you will not, repose in the softness of my friendship.

There is no power strong enough that can change us
if we do not listen to those voices of wisdom and love.
They do despair in frustrated authority at our selfishness.
So in patience they light our paths
and listen when we cry

(c) March 4,2000, July 10, 2004 Marissa A Spencer




10 Jul 2004 @ 18:40 by celestial : Skookum,
I just went through most of your entries in poetry; I didn't realize how prolific you are in poetry. I'm impressed.
Do you own or have access to a 'rhyming dictionary?'
Random House has a real nice pocket edition.  

10 Jul 2004 @ 18:48 by spiritseek : she doesn't need it
this one hit me so hard in the heart I couldn't breathe for a moment  

10 Jul 2004 @ 20:23 by skookum : oh I can rhyme..
I have a dictionary
but it isn't always necessary

thank you both... I think I can write many kinds of poems.. from couplets to haiku...

I do have a book on writing poetry...when I get a few minutes of peace I will look in it and learn more. I have never taken a class or anything.  

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