THE FOREST GREEN: The Waiting Sky    
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pictureTuesday, June 29th 2004, by Marissa A Spencer

The Waiting Sky

Whither hence does the wand'ring hearts seek freedom's gentle rest?
Does it not rest in the softly blowing breezes?
Surely the taste of sea air brings the slumbers of calm courage.

The fortitude of singularity, the congeniality of community,
The resignation of inevitability, join to open freedom's doors.
The right to raise one's eyes to see unencumbered opportunities
And fantastic possibilities.

They all rest within.
Look deep, for oppression's shackles are but dross reminders of our own follies.
See the truth, be the truth and freedom is born.
Let it rise like the phoenix, to soar with fiery wings across the waiting sky.

Let us rise and join the flames, fueled by the kindling of acceptance,
The spark of faith and the heat of passion's commitment.
Raise your beacon for the children after, who seek the way.

© June 29, 2000 Marissa A Spencer




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