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picture Saturday, June 26th 2004, by Marissa A Spencer

The Dreamtime

Be my lover midst the dreamtime,
Let not go my silver cord.
Bind me to thy loving heart,
That winds not thrust me away.

I'll anchor you beside me
with hand wrought silver chain.
Then salve your hurt with kisses
to draw out all your pain.

Bindings of the dreamtime
Will nae be rent with sword.
Knowing I will do my part,
To all your fears allay.

Hidden meanings found in ink
Dark hot thoughts we dare to think
Sounds on paper the pen does rasp
In twisting line a lover's gasp

Journey with me in the dreamtime,
With muses we a common chord.
Together create a work of art,
That we might beauty's love convey.

© April 28, 1999 Marissa A Spencer & Bret Smith




27 Jun 2004 @ 00:52 by ov : Dreamtime
That is hot Marissa. I've just got back now from a shamanic dreamtime journey workshop. Very grounded and feeling good now. For the dreamtime part we went into the lower world to meet our guardians, this is where our guardians reside and we were told to be open and playful and think of this as kindergarden and if we encountered into deep or tricky to pass it by. So I went down a stone spiral stairs and it was real dark for me so I couldn't see anything but my guardian had a sweet feminine voice and after something like an Abbot and Costello 'who's on first' routine of me trying to find out who she was if finaly came through that 'know no fear your guardian is no fear' which was a super hoot and cheered me right up and then the drum beat switched to the come back beat and that was it. I sure wasn't expecting funny.

that sounds awesome.. I am trying to get myself to write a story about a lucid dream or vision I had.. hard to settle on writing lately. Keep dreaming.. keep searching.  

27 Jun 2004 @ 07:02 by spiritseek : Dreamtime
I get alot out of my dreams if only I can remember them at times. Sometimes I know I just have to trust the dream and that I will know when the time is right what it was for.  

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