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pictureThursday, June 24th 2004, by Marissa A Spencer

Turn Your Face

Relinquish that hard won battle
Rest from that terror of insecurity
Turn your face to that source of light and beauty
Hide not in the shadows as you have before

Beseech the heavens for favors wrought in the present
Leave the future to itself and the past to the molding remnants of man
Bring forth the fruits of labors won and the wisdom of labors lost
Gather in the harvest to celebrate the bounty

Fruits and berries in sweetness remind the cloudy days of warm evenings,
Of buzzing insects and lazy cats dozing in the shade
Dogs twitching, whining, on dusty porches,
chasing lazy prey and winning.
A harvest of memories that drift quietly into afternoon dreams.

The pounding heart recalls the thundering midnights
and the pelting torrents
While in slumber the yearning heart awakens and yawns
And learns to stretch.
While the winds whistling wanderings…call… “Come… come”

© September, 25 2000 Marissa A Spencer




24 Jun 2004 @ 21:54 by b : Nice

24 Jun 2004 @ 22:02 by koravya : The picture
Love it.
I hear the winds.  

25 Jun 2004 @ 00:59 by vaxen : You...
better stop that skookum! ;) You wrote this just for me. Admit it! I know you did...

my dear... look at the date.. I didn't even remember you yet :-)  

25 Jun 2004 @ 02:50 by vaxen : date?
what date? we had a date? we are unix. you have already been assimilated. you think you are microsoft thanks to us. give thanks and praise. we own you. got root? ;)

the date I wrote it silly ahhahaha  

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