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pictureSunday, June 6th 2004, by Marissa A Spencer

Emerald Dragon

Emerald dragon, fierce and gleaming,
Soaring, seeking, snorting, screaming.
Claws outstretched to snatch the foe,
Diving, spinning: vertigo.

Elegance in wanton flight,
Shimmers in the pale moonlight.
Dangerous creature others hate,
Gentle, caring to it’s mate.

Clever, guile, perceptive mind,
Most wondrous beast you’ll ever find.
A perfect friend in times of need.
Ever hastens to noble deed.

©1998 Marissa A Spencer




6 Jun 2004 @ 21:12 by vaxen : True...
I love dragons too. Grew up loving them thanks to Grand-Mother who was a Witch. She taught me about 'Dragons.' I used Emerald Dragon as a handle in the early days of the net and even had a web page with that as its' title. All stuff I'm sure you were dying to know. Thanks skookum for another wonderful piece. I'm sure our 'Dragon' friends thankyou as well. ;)

I have dragons in my book.. which SOMEDAY .. I will finish. I find you very interesting. I can see you as a dragon.. *grins  

7 Jun 2004 @ 01:12 by vaxen : Thankyou skookum...
I must encourage you to finish your book as quickly as possible for the World, per se, needs this inspiration and vision of yours to alleviate the horror and pain so rampant and to reclaim some semblance of normalcy. Thanks for your kind words.

it's just a fantasy book lol, but thank you :0)  

7 Jun 2004 @ 06:20 by spiritseek : Just a fantasy book?
What the world needs is more fantasy, so many lost imaginations going to waste.

true :-)  

8 Jun 2004 @ 10:05 by shawa : Missed this one!
Oops, sorry. :-)I love it, of course! (The Dragon Lady)

here.. have a dragon mint lol ... thanks shawa lol  

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