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pictureWednesday, June 2nd 2004, by Marissa A Spencer

The light of dawning morning
and the rage of summer rains
were seen in her doe-like eyes.
His smile made her gossamer wings flutter
and her heart almost sigh.
He drifted off to sleep in her cradling arms
and dreamt of another world.

The fairy did take the lad and kissed him softly.
He in trembling pleasure acquiesced
and gently touched the perfect flesh of her wondrous face.
Upon awakening, he found his dream gone.
Yet, as he journeyed home he felt her beside him.
her chrysalis wings touching him and her hand in his.
Ne'er was he alone for the rest of his days.

Many years passed and he lay on his last earthly bed.
Friends and family passed by him to say goodbye.
At last his eyes did close
and his young spirit rose from that ancient body.
His constant friend stood before him,
her iridescent form glowed with purity and grace.
He in trembling pleasure touched that beloved face.
His heart burned with remembered joys and wonders.
She extended her delicate hand to him
and they flew to her fairyland world.
He looked in her eyes,
and saw the light of dawning morning
and the rage of summer rains.
She looked at him.
and his smile made her gossamer wings flutter
and her heart sigh.

© November 22, 1999 Marissa A. Spencer




4 Jun 2004 @ 13:21 by vaxen : Lovely...
so very deep and lovely. Thankyou very much for this inspired piece Marissa. Obviously somewhere along your life line you were touched by the hand o the fey. I am dying to live! ;)  

4 Jun 2004 @ 14:18 by skookum : Must be
The O'Kanes in my line lol

thank you  

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