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pictureSaturday, May 29th 2004, by Marissa A Spencer

Mouse Love

By the gate the dew dipped threads spun in silent minuets.
While crickets danced and sang like frenzied castanets.
The moon smiled round and stars winked down at the frogs along
the lake.

Such magic bounds in the air around to those who are awake.
Bullfrogs out to win fair love serenaded limpid eyes.
A croak of romantic arias to win their verdant prize.

A mouse so grand came to the gate to meet his bride-to-be.
Whiskers twitching, she was bewitching his mouse-love chickadee.
He puffed his chest, she cast her eyes, and in his arms they embraced.
They walked along the shoreline with their small paws interlaced.
Two mouse shadows in the night, cuddling by the firefly light
Spooning 'neath the buttercups, her cheeks so pink, his eyes so bright.

A ride into the night to yonder isle she did yearn.
She begged and wiggled to see that lovely land of fern.
He smiled and snapped his fingers to summon her a coach
A turtle came that was tame and quite above reproach.
They rode along and sang a song of love to wend the time
The water sparkled as they rode to that island so sublime.

Bounding off they frolicked out to dance with grace and style.
While the frogs kept booming love songs all the while.
He took her hand it felt so grand, she smiled and said,” yes.”
She was smitten, same as he, she coyly did confess.
Laughing at the winking stars they took a little walk.
Making plans 'neath fernlike fans and towering hollyhock.

© June 4, 2000 Marissa A Spencer




30 May 2004 @ 03:48 by jazzolog : And now, 4 years later...
let us hope the thrill continues for the charming couple. Sweet June nights on the way.  

30 May 2004 @ 06:20 by scotty : hmmm sorry to say
that the average lifespan of a mouse is only two years Richard !
Perhaps their great grandchildren are carrying on the tradition !

Lovely poem Marissa !

you two crack me up lol.. well.. maybe they are fairy mice?  

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