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pictureFriday, May 28th 2004, by Marissa A Spencer

For many years I was living with undiagnosed sleep apnea. I would stop breathing for short periods during my sleep. I finally asked my primary doctor to refer me during the summer of 2002. I waited and waited. No referral. I finally faxed a request to my pcp to get me a referral. It had been almost a year and I was not feeling any better.

The doctor taking the patients (NOT my pcp) finally referred me within a week of my fax to them. A few weeks after that I was scheduled to get a sleep study done. In August of 2003 I went in for a sleep study. They hooked me up to all kinds of electrical recording devices. None of it was painful; I looked like a gutted android.

I went to sleep in a really nice bedroom with the lights turned down. I slept...half way through the process they put some sort of mask on me that fed air into me. I slept until 7 am! Unheard of! I felt good...rested even.

As I was leaving the attendant was taking my leads and wires away, I asked when I would know the results. They replied, "two weeks and your dr will call you". Well that afternoon I had a call from my pulmonary doctor. Dr Richard Stack...great man in my opinion....They told me I had severe sleep apnea and I had stopped breathing 60 times an hour and had a blood oxygen level of 72%. The longest time I stopped breathing was a minute.

Well... I said to myself. No wonder I have been a bit fuzzy headed all these years. I have had this condition all my life, but not as bad as the last five years or so. It can kill you... I am fortunate that I don't have hypertension. Stroke is a possible from this kind of problem.

So...when I do those health histories at work. I ask..."do you have sleep apnea?" Guess what...a lot do.

If you have a snoring problem, or wake up feeling tired after a supposed full night sleep...check out if you might have sleep might save your life.

sleeping with a cpap or bipap machine is no big deal.. beats suffocating!





28 May 2004 @ 19:02 by spiritseek : my mother has this too
she just got the machine hooked up a few weeks ago. Alas she don't want to use it, even though the doctors, her husband and me have told her to. Like you she stops breathing several times an hour.

I think it literally saved my life. I wanna kiss my pulmonary doc when I see him.. lol. Hey...he IS kinda cute ahahhahaa.. anyway...I know it is hard for some to take the machine, but it is all depending on if you want to have problems. Sometimes the bipap is easier for some, rather than the cpap. Hope she reconsiders using it.  

29 May 2004 @ 00:12 by vaxen : Is...
that a picture of you skookum? ;) hee hee pcp, eh?
now that's a strong and terrible drug
or is that what you meant?
obviously you mean something else,

glad you are getting some rest
and may you continue in good health
so you can write more poetry...

oh you cad.. PCP is Primary Care Physician lol.. I do forget that I speak nursese.. ahhaha.. no that isn't me arr arr  

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