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pictureWednesday, May 26th 2004, by Marissa A Spencer

Sleep fair warriors through the misty night,
Take shelter from foul creatures of land and flight.
Dream upon the green swirling sea,
Steed of wind, wild and free.
Plummet great cliffs into the fray,
In somnolent battle 'til breaking day.

Stirring in fitful slumbers deep,
Darkly drifting 'tween wake and sleep.
The pipes skirl out from the distant haze,
Hearts burn bright, the eyes...they blaze!
To Battle! To Battle! The warriors cry,
The pipes! The Swords! To battle they fly!

Sleep fair warriors, fear not the dawn,
The battles, the cries, with the light will be gone.
In silence the day will break open the sky,
And off to yon labors, ye brave ones will fly.
When night again drifts to the corner of thought,
More evils, more battles, will have to be fought!

(c) 1998
Marissa A Spencer




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