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 Like an Unexpected Birdsong1 comment
picture Wednesday, May 19th 2004, by Marissa A Spencer

Like an Unexpected Birdsong

Like and unexpected birdsong from a lonely mountain forest
springs the joy from my heart.
A distant rumbling thunder echoes an ever-growing internal storm
The streams and lakes mirror the rush and calm of your eyes
that look back to mine,
Your eyes send the light into eternal beckoning.

May the hidden glens and meadows
protect the gentle breezes that sigh in the eventide.
Birch and ash and oak and pine in their own glorious way
stand in sentinel silence like your firm peaceful soul.
Be gentle as the night slowly descends to rest upon the sleeping day
and the rousing darkness.

There you are amongst the stars that hold all things
in my waiting quietude.
I wait,
I wait
Forever hearing the rumble of the storm.

(c) March 14, 2000 Marissa A Spencer



1 comment

26 May 2004 @ 23:52 by vaxen : you...
are just simply amazing. these poems of yours are such a delight. truly refreshing my soul. i ca'nt thankyou enough for sharing them with us. i sincerely hope that you have them bound and published either already or at some future date...bravo marissa and thanks again and again and again...

it's your fault if I can't carry my own head around lol

thank you vax  

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